Video: PMG Megan Brennan message for postal employees

Published on May 6, 2015: The Postal Service continues making investments for the future, including plans for new delivery vehicles, PMG Megan Brennan says in her latest video message.

  • Retired Mail Handler

    Enjoyed informative “Business Focus” video. PMG Megan Brennan communicates very well. I like the subscript as that is invaluable to people hard of hearing. Information on new scanners was appreciated. The USPS has generally far exceeded my personal needs as far as tracking requirements. Thumbs up for this video.

  • Bob Cowper

    PMG needs to come to NDC, and see what great service they provide to get the mail out. Nobody cares I can go on for 8hours here, she. Talks about new scanners, everyday we wait for FSS plant loads. First nobody knows what’s on them or the amount of FSS towns on each plant load. FSS hampers of first class flats just sit on machine and nobody cares when they go out.

  • Zeus

    Brennan is clueless on the mail processing end as she was a carrier for all of 1 year before using her family connections to jump into management and followed Downahole to all of his upper management posts and doesn’t know what goes on in a PD&C or NDC.

  • MVS Driver

    Retired Mail Handler-Get a clue! she’s going to be no different than her mentor,Don-a-hole and is lying through her teeth with BS when she says they are negotiating in good faith with the unions with the goal of a negotiated agreement,that is not what I am hearing from the union officers,the APWU has been gearing up for arbitration since Dimondstein and the new officers were elected.And the newly named Postal Pulse survey is nothing but a tool for management to use against the employees in contract arbitration.

  • ben franklin

    What family connections?

  • Typical

    Harvestofsorrorow….I joined the USPS beacause it was an easy job and paid well. Less work and more pay is what we all need because life is short. Look at your supervisors, chance are they were worthless in the craft anyway yet they now do even less but get paid more! They have the right attitude. If you could just learn to suck up, agree with every stupid thing the PMG says then you could change your screen name to Harvestifhappiness. I am going on break now.

  • common sense

    Well DUH! Of course Brennan is spinning things in management’s favor! But guess what- Dimondstein is doing the same thing on his side. It’s called negotiating.

    And geez- how many years has it been since management used the VOE survey in bargaining? Twenty? But people still bring it up as if it just happened! Management doesn’t need no stinkin survey- the APWU membership took care of that last time around when they APPROVED the current contract! Kinda hard to say things are terrible when the workers approved the agreement by a wide margin!

  • Mailman

    Just showed how stupid APWU members were by ratifying a horrible incompleted,management dictated contract,most of them only listened to their incompetent leaders talk it up and didn’t bother read all the bad new articles their then president,Goofy Guffey negotiated.

  • ben franklin

    interesting that several people have posted comments claiming that Brennan got the job of PMG because of “family connections”, but none of them reply when you ask for specifics…

    sour grapes much?

  • Zeus

    Only saying family connections got her into management only a year after she was hired as a carrier,then later hooked up with with Fat Pat in Pennsylvania and he let her ride his coat tales to Elephant Plaza.There was probably more than a professional relationship going on between the two of them.