Introducing our new format (and how to go back to the old one if you prefer…)

Update: We added an “Original format” item to the menu on every page- click it to restore the old version of

We’ve completed’s move to a new format that we hope will make the site easier to read on more devices. In recent years more and more of our readers have been using tablets and smartphones to access the site. Unfortunately the format that has served us so well for the last seventeen years doesn’t really display well on a small screen- and tapping on those tiny links can be hit or miss. So we decided to adapt the “responsive” design we’ve been using for our blog to our main headline page. “Responsive” design means that the web page can adapt itself to whatever size display you happen to be using. So reading and following links should be as easy on a smartphone as it is on a full sized desktop PC.

We do recognize that some readers are perfectly satisfied with the old design- so it will always remain available on our backup site at You can also get to the original format by clicking the “Original format” item on the top menu on every page of the new format site.

If you have comments, complaints, or suggestions on the new format, let us know in the comments section below.

  • newsguy

    Displays nice on my cell phone, although got so used with the old format. Disqus comments dont work on the opera mini browser, but seems fine with chrome. keep up the good work and look forward to more postalnews analysis.