Cochrane named Acting USPS CMSO, Miskanic Acting CIO

The US Postal Service announced the following appointments today:

  • Jim Cochrane will serve as Acting Chief Marketing and Sales Officer (CMSO). With over 40 years of experience, Jim’s understanding of customer requirements, combined with a well-rounded business acumen, will enable him to better position the U.S. Postal Service in today’s marketplace.
  • Randy Miskanic will serve as Acting Chief Information Officer (CIO). Randy will continue the advancement of new mail intelligence, engineering systems, information technology systems, payment technology, and corporate information security to meet the changing needs of today’s marketplace.
  • helpthelittleguy

    just what we need a good ole boy with 40 years of buddy buddy

  • Mailman030

    How does 40 years of working for the USPS give someone a “well-rounded business acumen”? His experience has taught him how to do business the postal way.

  • Go Figure

    I am sure an well rounded employee like Mailman030 would be a better choice. Just get back to work and put the cell phone down!