Video: PostalVision 2020/5.0 live feed Day 2

Live video feed of the PostalVision 2020 conference:

(If the video isn’t working, check the PV2020 Google+ page.)

Part four starts Wednesday morning at 8:00 EDT:

Part four continues at 10:20 EDT Wednesday:

Topics include: “The Power of Pull”, Consumer Empowerment, Postal Logistics and the Postal Customer of the Future. Speakers and panelists will include: John Hagel, Jeff Jarvis, , Marshall Van Alstyne, Larry Weber, Bernard Bukovc, Pascal Clivaz, Ulrich Hurni, Ole Nordhoff, Timothy Walker, Keith Kellison, and others.

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Full agenda:

via ▶ PostalVision 2020/5.0: Part One – The Postal Platform – YouTube.