Video: PMG Megan Brennan Installation Ceremony – March 6, 2015

USPS will embrace change and aggressively pursue new business opportunities, PMG Megan Brennan said during her installation ceremony March 6.

“The story of the Postal Service is really about change. It’s about an organization that is continually changing and improving to better serve the American public,” Brennan said.

To achieve its goals, USPS will provide employees with more flexibility and better tools to serve customers. The PMG also called for new investment in infrastructure and improved operational efficiencies through better use of data and technology.

The Postal Service will also repurpose facilities and improve processes, and it will invest in new vehicles and package sorting equipment, Brennan said.

Other priorities include using analytics to help grow the package business and developing strategies to improve customer service.

Brennan, the first woman to serve as PMG, said she’s witnessed “tremendous improvement” in the Postal Service over the years and cited employees as the source of the organization’s resilience.

“When I visit our facilities and meet with employees, I see it everywhere and at every level, and it’s the strength of our organization. We have an incredibly talented and dedicated workforce, and this should give us all confidence in our future.”

  • RouteAbolished

    Sounded like the same oath I took when I joined the Army. Get ready for change!

  • TGIRetred

    Bla Bla Bla Bla Blah!! Same old song and dance.Donahoe said the same thing and look what he did.She said we must embrace change.That means more processing plant closures,reduced window hours,slower mail service and thousands of employees having to either relocate or retire.Also included in the change category is the hiring of thousands of low wage workers to fill their shoes.All the so called changes will have a negative affect on employees as well as the customers we they serve.

  • Spanky spangler

    Release the doves