Determined South Dakota customer calls foul on USPS and wins

NEWELL | A well-researched complaint by a curious Newell resident could save her and some of her neighbors from paying a fee for getting mail.

As a result of Anna Hermanson’s diligence, the U.S. Postal Service has backtracked on a policy that required some Newell residents without mailboxes to rent a post office box.

Meanwhile, the town’s mayor said last week that misinformation from the Postal Service had prompted some residents to install mailboxes in public rights of way, interfering with city snow removal and causing drainage problems.

When Hermanson moved to Newell last year, she received a $34 rental bill for a post office box.

“I had lived in other communities where we were not charged for a P.O. Box when USPS didn’t deliver mail to our homes,” Hermanson said. “I was a little surprised because I was never charged in other towns, including Edgemont and Colman, S.D. I asked the lady at the post office about it, and she said I had to pay for my post office box.”

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