Video: Postal Workers Brave Below Zero Temps

When the mercury falls below zero, it can prove especially challenging for anyone who has to work outside. That is especially true for mail carriers in Northcentral Wisconsin, who still need to deliver on time no matter what the weather.

Postal worker Ben Kovar says he spends long hours in the cold.

Postal workers are urged to dress in layers and to take breaks to get warm. Kovar says he ofter garners plenty of sympathy from postal customers.

"The customers are great, they show us so much support. They invite you in or give you a hot cup of chocolate or hot cup of coffee. They are wonderful, I can’t say enough about the customers." says Kovar.

via Postal Workers Brave Below Zero Temps.

  • IIlIIl111

    Yeah, go ahead Republicans. Get rid of all of those overpaid Postal Union “Thugs”. I am sure they’ll be lining up around the corner to work under these conditions for Min. wage and no benefits……………………………………..

  • freecountry

    Last winter in Mi. we had 5 CCAs quit in one cold week. Including 2 who quit their first day!!