Omnibus spending bill requires USPS to continue 6 day delivery

The omnibus spending bill that appears set for approval by Congress this week continues the long-standing requirement that the USPS continue to deliver mail six days a week.

The bill also directs the PMG to report to Congress within 90 days on steps the USPS will take to improve postal worker safety; and encourages (but doesn’t require) the USPS to complete impact analysis and outreach before closing any more plants.

The “cromnibus” spending package

  • AC

    Well, there goes the prospect of an early retirement anytime soon! They’ll probably offer one the year I turn MRA, with no incentive!

  • What is Your MRA

    IF they continue on with the plant closings, disregarding Congress I look for clerks, maintenace and mailhandlers to be offered a VER. Probably start Qtr 2/3 with a leave by date of end of fiscal year 2015. NO $$$.

    EAS look forward to FY 2016

  • Ryan Kuwahara

    Continue 6-day … for what? What a waste of gasoline and overtime!

  • Save the service

    Yes I agree. To further reduce overtime with no delivery two days ,and the associated problems created with Monday holidays , the non delivery days should be Sunday and say Wednesday or Thursday . Saturday and Sunday off coupled with plant closures and Monday holidays would cause additional delays and create unaffordable overtime. 5 day is the way to go but if cost savings is the purpose then Sat-Sunday off makes no sense.

  • truth hurts

    You lost that argument years ago. The only option the USPS is planning for is Monday through Friday mail delivery. With the relaxation in service standards, Monday holidays will no longer a major issue, since there’s no such thing as overnight any more. The plants won’t have to dump all the mail on you Tuesday morning. And when there is excess volume, they’ll just bring in more CCAs- so no big OT bubble either.

    The fact is that 5 day will slash OT- and even lead to a VER for letter carriers. I’m not saying I like any of this, but it’s the reality of the situation.

  • Ryan Kuwahara

    No because my whole first loop is businesses that are closed Saturday, Wednesday won’t work

  • Illegal alien

    The majority of carriers don’t care about the outlook of the Postal Service. Just a bunch of self serving winers who want weekends off. Maybe they’ll get rid of all of you and CCA employees will take over.

  • George Gallup

    Fascinating information! So what was the sample size you used when you conducted your survey? Or do you just personally know every single letter carrier in the country? By the way- I think you’ll find that very few carriers are “winers”. In my experience, almost all of them prefer beer.