Video: Customers React To USPS Data Hack

The U.S. Postal Service is added to the list of recent data hacks.

Criminals broke into a computer system and stole personal data of employees, retirees, and millions of customers.

"To think that everything can be OK one day, and then the next minute, your information is gone," says Veral Hunter.

Customers react to the news that hits the United States Postal Service, today.

Officials with USPS say criminals broke into a computer system and stole the personal data of 750-thousand employees and retirees.

The hackers also got data of nearly 3-million Postal Service customers.

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  • Megan

    They didn’t get any customer information other than phone numbers and emails of those who have claims with the post office. No customer card data!! Just employees personal info. Customers have nothing to worry about.

  • retired too

    Maybe, but current and former employees get to worry. The service knew for months and didn’t inform anybody. That in itself is disturbing.

  • magdalena48

    “The hackers also got data of nearly 3-million Postal Service customers”

  • Maria Tate

    They got names, addresses, phone numbers and tracking numbers of customers filling claims for, I believe, a 3 month period. Just another example of the ‘reality TV mentality’ of the media trying to whip up a frenzy. I read that the USPS kept it quiet while trying to track the perpetrators, which does make sense.

  • NotsoNTFTY

    If the USPgave a care about its employees or customers I would feel bad. Obviously as a USP career employee I am worried. If USP put as much effort in protecting their employees and customers as they do in driving them off I would not think it’s just par for the course. There is no service in the United States Postal anymore.