Video: Surveillance video expected to deliver mail thief to jail soon


Carrying a young child instead of a mail bag, Bernard Gifford knew the woman he captured on his surveillance cameras didn’t work for the post office.

“Just goes to show you the nerve some people have when it comes to stealing,” Gifford said.

Colorado Springs Police say this federal offense is actually fairly common.

Police say Gifford’s video showing the thief stealing a check from his mailbox will help deliver her to jail.

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“That’s some of the best testimony out there. It’s tough to refute,” Lt. Buckley said.

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  • Locky

    Yes, locked mail boxes ARE an option. Customers are always expecting USPS to foot the bill but stop being cheap and buy a box which requires a key to retrieve the mail (but not to deliver the mail).

  • RouteAbolished

    I wonder how she would like it if someone opened up her box.

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