Video: Postal worker falls to his death from freeway overpass in North Houston

Update: the KTRK TV story quoted below originally said that the postal worker “jumped” to his death. The story was later updated to say that he “fell” to his death. There also appears to be confusion as to whether or not the man was on duty when he died. We’ll update the story as we learn more:

A postal worker fell to his death on Beltway 8 near the North Freeway.

Houston police got the call just before 10am Friday.

Witnesses say they saw something fall from the beltway and bounce off the ground. When they stopped, they saw that it was a person.

Police have not released his identity. He was off duty when he jumped or fell.

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  • Tim Dolan

    Yeah, postal management!

  • Boss DOIS

    Probably given a justified under time pivot he wasn’t man enough to complete.

  • Craig

    Pease do not judge is carrier by what has happen. suicide is illness that cannot be detected. as a disabled veteran I have seen and touched many people’s lives. so please instead of comments about what’s wrong with his life please pray for his family and coworkers

  • Debbie K Francis

    They say he was off duty when he jumped in the text but the video says he was delivering mail….

  • pokeybird

    So sad….hope is wasn’t job stress!

  • bigtime

    hope he made scan before jumped and died , otherwise a letter of warning coming his way.

  • Britt

    Bwahh….how do I like this???? So true

  • Peace

    That’s so sad, may he be at peace.

  • USPS Stupidvisor

    That’s what we do!

  • Retired Mail Handler


  • Maria Tate

    May this fellow postal worker RIP. May the sensationalist media just go away. Unless he was walking on an expressway while delivering mail and got hit by a car, which he of course wasn’t and didn’t, his profession has absolutely nothing to do with this story. Stop trying to manufacture ‘reality TV’ news.

  • Randy White

    My friend and fellow coworker seen him jump off the overpass. He was driving by when it happened. He jumped he didn’t fall.