Video: Texas disabled vet’s mail delivery woes finally addressed- after TV news crew shows up

COPPERAS COVE (August 14, 2014) Jerry Materne moved to his home in Copperas Cove one year ago, and for the last 12 months he’s had trouble getting his mail delivered.

Materne, an Army National Guard member who served in the military for 21 years, said he filed multiple complaints with the local post office after his mail and his medication from the Waco VA Regional Office wasn’t delivered.

“This issue started when I started complaining about registered mail that was supposed to be coming to me getting sent to the post office, and they would automatically give me a slip telling me I was not home to collect the registered mail,” he said.

“I have not moved and I’m home every day and my mail is checked every day.”

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  • LateNightLarry

    Sounds like a carrier I had to complain about one time… He had a COD package, which I was expecting, and I had the cash in my pocket for it. I was working on my car in the driveway with the door open and my feet on the ground. He had to step around me to get to the mailbox… When I checked the box, a few minutes later, he had left a delivery notice in the box, which he had to have completed BEFORE he left his vehicle six houses away… I complained to the PM, and was told “he said no one was home.” I told the PM that his carrier LIED… I was home, I was in front of the house, and he didn’t go to the front door. PM’s attitude… I’l believe my carrier over you. I had many more problems with that carrier before he retired.