That ultimatum to move your mailbox? Just an empty threat

Another overzealous postal manager is at work, this time in Chicago, ordering residents to move their mailboxes to the curb if they want their mail, according to Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn:

At the end of last week, my Northwest Side neighbors and I were buzzing about the mailbox ultimatum our postal carrier had delivered.

On a signed, photocopied United States Postal Service Form 1507, the handwritten note said that “per the new USPS policy, all mail receptacles need to be brought down to ground or sidewalk level.” The fine print suggested we act “promptly,” and warned that the “failure to correct the noted irregularities may necessitate the withdrawal of delivery service.”


Zorn says he went ahead and ordered a mailbox online- it was delivered on Monday (by UPS!), the same day that he got in touch with a USPS spokesperson, who told him he didn’t really need it:

Monday was also when I learned from Mark Reynolds, the USPS spokesman in Chicago, that the mailbox ultimatum was an empty threat that had been OK’d by an “overzealous” person at the area branch office. That person, whom Reynolds has declined to identify, “misinterpreted the scope of the changes in our delivery patterns,” he said.

Evidently this overzealous employee — the signature on the notice is illegible and the man who answered the phone at the branch office refused to translate it for me — has been at it for a while: I found a complaint online about an identical notice that was disseminated in April in the Roscoe Village neighborhood, much of which is served by the same postal branch.

Reynolds declined to name the offender.

For an agency that obsesses so much about its “brand”, you’d think the USPS would do a better job training its managers not to threaten their customers!

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