Video: Cincinnati postal worker caught on tape throwing mail into dumpster

CINCINNATI — A United States Postal Service (USPS) worker tossed mail into a dumpster in Bond Hill Wednesday, rather than delivering the letters, paychecks and notices to their rightful owners.

The female worker was caught on tape disposing of the mail.

A property manager and several residents nearby saw the worker in the act as she tossed a tray of mail into a dumpster on Paddock Road, just off Norwood Lateral Parkway.

Neighbors one street away from the dumpster wondered Thursday why their mail never showed up. Alicia Carr said her stepmother, her sister and her friends complained about missing mail.

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  • Mailmam

    so so wrong, what a shame for all of us

  • shaunita

    I see carriers tossing mail in the 80s before the truck comes and they put junk mail in the ubbm…but, obviously she didn’t need her job….

  • Paul Graveline

    Well said Professional Carrier. Got a call from my manager a couple days after my day off inquiring if I knew anything about a priority mail parcel scanned delivered. Before she could spit out the address, I told her the name and address and that I had already picked up the parcel the day before, and sent it to CFS. Something the idiot CCA should have done if he had bothered to read the reminder cards.It’s a running gag between my customers and I. They know when I am off bc they get all the wrong mail. Bottom line, I’ve been in 12 years, am 33 years old, and have paid some dues. I still have plenty more dues to pay, but that retirement route will be mine likely within 5 years and at that point, I will leave when I feel like it, just like my senior carriers who earned it. All you newbies want it handed to you. Keep your mouth shut, keep your head down, and earn it!

  • Paul Graveline

    It’s sad that I have to warn my customers if I take vacation time to be aware, they will be getting stuff misdelivered. We love our office CCA’s. The post office is getting what the pay for.

  • jorge jefferson

    probably had 10hrs of work and told be back in 5.

  • jorge jefferson

    a converted cca to reg still doesnt make anything. Their starting pay is around 36k. And with benefits n retirement they take home less.

  • jorge jefferson

    so everytime your off a cca does your rt? your ute is a cca?

  • jorge jefferson

    the union allowed this cca crap. Paying them less, taking forever to convert them, no benefits, no vacation, god forbid they call out, working Sundays. Who else is going to replace regulars at some point. A cca is.There not hiring people to b regulars day one. This is what the P.O wants, old regs to get out, pay less, make routes longer. Wait for the new scanner, when they know every minute what your doing, bye bye old regs.

  • jorge jefferson

    yea and u had fewer stops too back then

  • jorge jefferson

    As a reg its easy to stand up to management. Its very easy to fire a cca, and they know it, especially in their first 90 days. I seen a cca stand up, and then they cut their hrs, they only have to give them 4hrs a day, or they get sent to other stations for a day or two. And when their break comes, its up to their manager to recommend them to come back. So ccas r screwed every which way. Ill dump the mail in a dumpster for $15 an hr, if i get fired so what, ill work at burger king getting $10 with benefits, and days off and im inside out of the weather. Thank the union, u get what u pay for, they shouldnt have allowed this.

  • chuck

    well said Joe…this is exactely what usps wants is to turn its own workers against each other . There are bad apples everywhere. Thanks you for your service from the nalc!!

  • Toejam

    If they aren’t going to fire the ones throwing away the mail, then, maybe they should fire the MANAGERS of these people….. It’s about time someone gets held accountable for this crap. Video doesn’t lie that much.

  • NALC Rep.

    Wrong! The NALC never allowed the creation of CCA’s and the big increase in non-career employees, it was imposed on them by an arbitrator named Shyam Das in contract arbitration as a result of the APWU’s sellout agreement that created the PSE position that allows them to become union members,blame it on the APWU for the creation of that position to replace TE’s and lower their hourly pay by $5.00 an hour.

  • Mr.Mailman

    What 90 days? there is no probation period for newly hired CCA’s, they are essentially under probation as long as they are CCA’s just like casuals and TE’s were and can fired anytime with no recourse and termination process that Regular carriers have rights to.

  • Zeus

    If you work for the Postal Service,then you know management is NEVER held accountable for anything and that is why it is going down the toilet.

  • jonnyohio

    As a CCA who transferred over from RCA, it is no wonder. They’d give me a new route I never did, I’d case it myself, and then have an hour pivot. Every day I’m on a new route…it’s impossible to know who lives where.

  • Kevin Satchell

    Whoa Mr.Postman I am a PSE clerk and take pride in my job!!!!!

  • Professional Carrier :)

    No George Not every time but often, the problem is within Management, I don’t think that CCA threw away the mail because she likes doing that, but rather so she can finish her assignment within the unrealistic demands put on her. She was within her 90 days probation period, probably afraid of not passing. This is no doubt that there are CCA, PTF’s with the intent of doing the best possible job, its management that is not concerned with service, so that is reflected through expectation forced on new hires. Management often spits my route because no one likes the T-6 swing my route is on..

  • Just Saying

    Food Stamps don’t come in the mail, no do Welfare checks the are preloaded onto a card.

  • Billy Jay

    Foodstamps, welfare checks and valuable coupons?? Wow, this shows what is important to you, doesn’t it?

  • BVR

    you’ve taken all our overtime away from us rca’s. quit whining and deliver the mail, all of it.