• Retired Mailman

    First day of sightseeing with the family on the P.O.’s dime; boy, life is sweet.

  • sinatra

    WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY SHOULD BE USED TO FIGHT OUR BASHERS. BY THE WAY ; we are going to CROSS THE CARPENTERS PICKET LINE. PRES. ROLANDO is a paper tiger.Pres. ROLANDO ; when he first came in office ; he would circle Washington with carriers in protest. He is still circling.. Active Retired Letter Carrier -NYC

  • common sense

    “on the P.O.’s dime”?

    How do you figure?

  • sinatra

    David Noble for NALC President. Pres. Rolando is a paper tiger.
    ROLANDO’s making deals at the expense of the members (Active Carriers as
    well as Retired Carriers..
    … Remember 1970 Heros who overthrew THE UNION Officers. HUNG RADEMACHER IN Effigy in Manhattan. That Is The TRUTH. Rademacher told us to go back ;”everything is ok” . tHE PETITIONS DID NOT WORK EITHER The membership would have none of it. Active Retired Letter Carriers-NYC.. .. THAT’S RIGHT.