Issa claims he has veto power over six day delivery provision in appropriations bill

issaAPWU News July 9, 2014 – Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, can’t seem to give up his quest to eliminate Saturday mail delivery.

On July 8, upset that the House Appropriations Committee restored protection for six-day delivery to a funding bill, the California Republican tried to employ a parliamentary maneuver to derail the measure.

In a message to House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX), Issa claimed jurisdiction over all issues related to the Postal Service, and asserted that the six-day delivery provision should be subject to a House Rule that prohibits “legislation” in general appropriations bills.

“Rep. Issa’s complaint would be comical if it wasn’t such a serious attack on the people’s Postal Service,” said Legislative and Political Director John Marcotte. “In addition to protecting six-day delivery, the appropriations bill reverses the District of Columbia’s laws on marijuana possession, dictates how its locally-generated tax monies can be used, and takes away health care choices for women in the district.

“No matter how you feel about these issues, the irony is that they all fall under the purview of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. But Rep. Issa didn’t let out a whimper of protest against these examples of ‘legislating’ via the Appropriations Bill. The hypocrisy is stunning but not unusual for Mr. Issa,” Marcotte said.

“Mr. Issa is not satisfied with using his authority as chairman to damage the USPS by blocking quality postal reform,” he added. “He is now trying to use parliamentary tricks to overturn a bipartisan vote saving six-day delivery. The public pays little attention to the House Rules Committee, but Issa’s moves are critically important because he is leading the charge in the House to dismantle the Postal Service.”

  • @!@#f$%*(&

    Bet you this clown stiffs his mailman at Christmas….

  • Sam

    The people who keep voting this clown in are idiots!

  • Fed up

    Please vote this egotistical idiot out of office. He beileves he’s above it all. He doesn’t depend on the Postal Service like the average citizen. It makes me sick to even read about him.

  • justmehla

    Issy the Americian Jihad guy. His idea of bipartisan is who follows his orders.
    Know what you mean but Clown no dangerous yes. Boehner will be wanting him again.

  • Westchester carrier

    Don’t be mad at the USPS. We delivered your letter to Santa but he didn’t think it wise to give you the “slim jim” and lighter fluid you requested. Get over it, fool.

  • jim

    start this saturday

  • give me money

    i cant understand why the postal employees who live in his district don’t get together and tell their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends, business owners they know and vote this piece of sh…t out of office

  • Disgrunted clerk

    He needs to be drawn and quartered, or perhaps tarred and feathered

  • pammy

    When will the American people wise up and start voting these human gods out of office and replace them with politicians that actually want to grow this great country?? Then maybe our kids and grandkids can find jobs that pay more than minimum wage.

  • texas mailman

    Ive been saying for the longest time that Issa is one of the most dangerous politicians in DC

  • b9bt

    Issa ; in my opinion was Gerry-Mandared (redistricted) and won by majority …SO Now that we have the 4 UNIONS AS AN ALLIANCE; we should be doing more. Time to picket the White House, Congress, L’Enfant Plaza, Issa etc; all our Anti -Union- Anti Post Office Bashers; RIGHT WING Media . What does it cost to make a picket sign? One (1) rally a year What does it cost to start a rally (NALC). Pres. Rolando (NALC) is a paper tiger. Pres. Diamondstein (APWU) puts his talk to action. Time to step up to the the plate. All the 1970 Postal Strike participants put their jobs on the line and were looking at Jail Time. Our hard won jobs came at a cost; Our hard earned benefits seems to be always in jeopardy. Don’t be complacent. We’re all in this together. Active Retired Letter Carrier- NYC.

  • Angry American

    Will you people just go ahead and vote this stupid piece of crap out already. Our country has had enough of him.

  • Dman

    The people that vote him in could care less about Saturday delivery. Over 80% don’t care about the junk we deliver in Saturday. I would love to have my Saturdays back. So shut up about it get a life.

  • @!@#f$%*(&

    Gotta love these people who signed up for the job knowing they’re going to have to work Saturdays, then crying about the fact years later. Tough luck: suit up, show up, or quit.

    Sort of like a fireman complaining that his job is too hazardous.

  • Toejam

    Angry American…… took stupid pieces of crap to vote this guy IN in the first place.

  • Toejam

    Dman………..simple solution……..QUIT..>!!!!! Then you can have every day off that ends in “y”…….

  • Issa Out

    And they all live in North San Diego County and don’t care that this scumbag was a car thief and arsonist and ran his business (Viper Car Alarms) like a mafia boss.

  • Dman

    I worked every Saturday for 7 years as a sub. One perk to going regular was to get To pick your day off i.e Saturday. Now no subs are hired and guess what after 19 years at p.o. I work every Saturday. Back when I was hired all regular rural carriers had their Saturdays off. So don’t say I expected to work every Satuday for the rest of my life.

  • postalworker1

    no , they just know the real volume is way down,

  • Ralph

    He is also the one that if and when the postal service is privatize will probably be on top

  • hollywood

    The approval fating for congress is 7% . I will assume Issa is not in that 7% group .

  • Fed Up

    The American Public should look into Darrell Issa background. He and his cronies are only out to put the post office out of business. He’s been out in the California sun for too long. California wake up!!! Next round of elections DO NOT REELECT him. He’s another political Eore.

  • b9bt