Employee input sought for next generation of postal vehicles

From USPS News Link:

USPS wants employees to help design its next generation of delivery vehicles.

The Postal Service’s surging package volume and aging fleet have prompted the organization to begin developing ideas for newer, better vehicles.

One goal: to take advantage of the automotive industry’s recent advances in safety, fuel efficiency, design, and convenience features, as well as lower emission requirements.

Employees are asked to submit ideas for increasing the safety, space/configuration, features, ease of use and other enhancements to their supervisor or manager.

No idea is too small or too big. Submit your suggestions to your supervisor or manager; all submissions are due by close of business Thursday, July 17.

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  • Momma_T

    Since I’m no longer on the rolls and have no use for my old management, I’ll put my thoughts here.


    1/ FIX THE SEATBELTS TO BE UNLIKE THE FFVS. You can literally fall sideways out the door with the current ones.

    2/ Make “lights-on” warnings standard on all vehicles; FFVs have to have them retrofitted.

    3/ Put rounded edges around the interiors of doors so a blow to the head will be glancing, not against a sharp corner.

    4/ Add fans behind the driver’s head to help cool more quickly during the summer.

    5/ Add more interior lighting for late winter deliveries.

    6/ Add hooks behind the seat for raingear and cold weather gear.

    7/ Add a potlid to the driver’s side so the carrier doesn’t have to lean out and under the mirrors to determine how close the bumper is to a stationary object.


    1/ Add fold-down shelves with ledges to the back of the truck.

    2/ Add flip-up dividers to the rear floor so trays can be contained and/or stacked safely.

    3/ Reconfigure wiring and other elements below the letter tray so that all the space below can be used for trays, parcels, and SPRs.

  • IIlIIl111

    Does any Postal Employee REALLY (!!) think that they will actually use ANY employee generated suggestions that they get??? They’ll use about the same number that they did for the LLV (0)

  • Jimmy Hamilton

    All great suggestions, Momma! Hopefully, someone pays attention to your input or forwards it along.

  • vitameatavegamin

    Ford Transit Connect is a great starting point…….left and right hand drive are possible, and they are built in the USA now.

  • Chris Boudreau

    I say let Momma design it. She knows what she is talking about.

  • Frito_Bandito

    AC and heat that actually works would be nice to start with.

  • Bob Meyer

    Like they’ll listen!

  • jeff

    Instead of a four legged tray in the front make a tray that is held up by a single large leg. Thus allowing for more room to put flat tubs up front.

  • Stephen

    Agreed, but two issues; 1) they need to be lifted. As they are the driver suits a little lower than in a LLV or FFV. 2) they are actually imported in the “minivan” configuration then stripped at a facility in Maryland. It would be nice if they were built here.

  • Stephen

    From an engineering perspective, that would lead to excessive stress on the point where that leg would be mounted. It would lead to metal fatigue in a short time and a tray of mail crashing down on the carrier. A three leg set up, with one in the step-well near the door and two right up against the firewall would give the room you’re looking for and make retrieving those packages from the back easier.

  • joe

    Hello MR. Negative

  • Barefoot Mailman

    An adjustable tray. Shelves in the back. Hooks for winter/summer gear. More air!

  • Momma_T

    If it were me I would reverse that; two legs on the door side, one at the seat side. This way you aren’t having to work around the leg in the stairwell. [You can get 5-6 DPS trays under there even with the current configuration.]

  • JJ

    1/ FIX THE SEATBELTS TO BE UNLIKE THE FFVS. You can literally fall sideways out the door with the current ones.


  • Stephen

    Same as what I said, of the two near the firewall one would be near the door the other by the driver. The one in the stepwell wouldn’t be in the middle (bad engineering) but at the rear of the stepwell.

  • Momma_T

    On my first route I had random mounted deliveries in between walking swings; there’s no sense in putting the window down for one box then putting it back up; easier to open the door and effect delivery.

    While I never fell out, the possibility exists.

  • Ruralboy

    2014 Ram Promaster high roof cargo van. Carriers can stand up straight in the back, big sliding side door, low step-in heights, low mpg compared to our LLV, standard airbags and airconditioning and nice turning radius even on U-turns.

  • Ruralboy

    I meant to say “more” mpg compared to our LLV.

  • tribblelsv

    Power locks, Light on buzzers. USB ports for future retrofitting of technology.

  • kanzan

    I agree they should go with a vehicle that is already built, look at the LLV’s that the Post office designed, safety is my major beef against them.

  • Rkies

    The USPS will take all of the employees suggestions and do the exact opposite of what we say!

  • Mr.Negative

    Have anything positive to say about the management scum running the Postal Service into the ground?

  • Zeus

    Unlikely anyone in management at the top cares about any safety improvements.

  • Mail Mule

    How about electric powered vehicles that because of the short distance they travel from the office to delivery points would only need to be charged every couple days and save a bundle on fuel.But we know the management decision makers will give the contract to a company that will build more gas guzzlers and they will get their kickbacks.

  • tbird1

    horse and buggy

  • give me money

    why do they want input they wont use it

  • give me money

    after the new vehicles are decided upon and contracted out, i want the pmg and his host of board of directors to take one out and deliver a roaute in 90+ weather

  • joe

    If you`re so miserable, then quit!

  • http://postalnews.com/ hollywood

    Now they want input , first time ever !

  • http://postalnews.com/ hollywood

    Probably some old carrier who is incontinent . Stick around long enough smart guy and this will be you in 30 plus years . I might add that you keep your nose off the seat and your bosses butt while you are at it .

  • HotinAZ

    How about some kind of cooling system in the trucks in AZ–130 degrees in LLV!

  • Momma_T

    That works for walking routes close to the office, but we have a large office [metropolitan area]. There are some carriers who travel almost half an hour to the start of their route, and there are carriers who travel fifteen minutes to their routes then drive 30-50 miles on a mounted route. These routes would have a hard time with an electric vehicle.

    Also, if electric vehicles are anything like a Prius, you can’t jump start them. That means when it’s cold out and a vehicle won’t start, management would have to bring a spare vehicle and VMF would have to tow the dead one back to the garage.

  • Momma_T

    It may be from the amount of sweating the previous day’s carrier was doing, especially this time of year. It could also be from someone leaving the window down during a heavy storm; the seats get wet, leaving the cushion and fabric musty.

    Do what I did; carry a can of Febreeze spray tucked between the seat and the parking brake and spray down the truck and seat when you go out to check vehicles. By the time you load, most of the smell will be dissipated and the seat will smell better.

  • Bob

    Make sure the vehicles have insulation in the floors and engine compartment as well in walls and ceiling, better air flow maybe air conditioning. And ergonomic seats. Lol! Yeah right like there really gonna take advice from carriers as to how to make our jobs easier.

  • nick

    ugly van!

  • Postmaster

    Shut up and fill out your VOE survey!

  • jonnyohio

    lol…any good ideas will be stolen by management anyway, who will gladly take credit for coming up with it, so why bother?

  • Bob

    It really does not matter to me really, I will be retired by the time the new trucks arrive!

  • Bob

    How about putting those side vent on both side of the vehicle like they had on the jeeps, also insulate the motor compartment and floors and walls and ceilings!

  • Norm Lee

    Next generation LLV with better gas mileage, power,heat. I’d be satisfied if the vehicle started up easily in the morning each winter with none of the sharp objects in the FFV that bruises my arms and legs with room to place my parcels easily where I can easily reach them. Just design a vehicle that a carrier can easily work out of each day. .

  • Matt

    To start off a source of power such as a usb port or 2 for gps especially for sunday deliver where carriers get unfamilar routes ( turn by turn paper directions are incorrect and sometimes unreliable), sliding front tray that some of the llv’s already have, maybe a few shelves in back, back-up camera (ya i know $ but it would be safer), better vizors, maybe lock box: for stamps, change, slips, forms. and this crazy idea a cup holder. I dont really mind rolling down the window its cheaper and relaible. Thats all i can think of.

  • Matt

    Awd would be amazing for snowy conditions

  • Theresa

    Ergonomic seats. Bucket seats are for sitting straight ahead. I lean on my left hip/sit bone to gather the mail the lean on my right hip/sit bone to deliver. Bucket seats have high sides and has put my tailbone out of alignment. I wonder how many motorized carriers have hip and lower back problems? I deliver in the Great Lakes area, so AWD or even 4WD would be great. I got stuck twice this year; which doesn’t seem like a lot but if all our carriers got stuck at least once…that’s expensive to get us pulled out. I am wondering about two separate vehicles…one for mail and one for parcels. Possibly two separate jobs since our parcel business is increasing? Built-in GPS. My cell phone dies when I work on Sundays(even with Pocket Juice portable charger). Better heat and A/C. Pretty cold with -30 wind chills. Females: Every woman is different but how is the window height and your “girls”?