USPS disputes article that questioned value of Village Post Offices

Linns Stamp News recently published an article entitled “Village Post Offices — are they really worth it for the USPS?“, questioning the viability of the VPO program. Now the USPS has posted a response which claims that a few of the author’s statements were incorrect:

A recent contributor author article in Linn’s Stamp News questioning the value of Village Post Offices (VPO) contained incorrect statements.

In a reply, USPS set the record straight:

Regarding the article titled “Village Post Offices – are they really worth it for the USPS?” dated May 30, 2014, USPS would like to address some incorrect information by writer Stephen Bahnsen. The U.S. Postal Service announced the concept of the Village Post Office in July 2011 as a way to continue providing convenient access to postal products and services in more rural communities across the nation.

The VPO program has been very successful. We have opened more than 600 VPOs since the program was announced. Additional information about locations can be found at

The VPOs sell postage stamps and Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes, two of the most requested products we offer.  There are pay differences due to the locations of the VPOs and whether or not they offer PO Box services. The Glenn, MI, VPO has several hundred PO Boxes on their premises, which is why we pay them $9,200.They are the only VPO paid at that rate. 

The Gratiot, WI, VPO was sold to a new owner this past March and may have run out of stamps, since this was their first month in operation. While this may happen occasionally, it certainly isn’t a trend. The Postal Service paid the 63 VPOs in Indiana a total of $79,880, as of April 30, and they sold more than $262,000 in stamps. 

Clearly, the VPO program is working. Village Post Offices are making revenue for the Postal Service and serving our customers at more than 600 locations.

via Misinformation on Village Post Offices corrected.

  • Gregg Grubbs

    VPO’s in some small capacity are beneficial to smaller locals.However,if a rural post office exists at that same place,it’s just absurd that it is not be utilized for it’s intended purpose.Why open a VPO when you already have a full service,postal worker staffed office.Answer:Donahoe!!