USPS: "Load leveling" starts today

Effective Thursday, April 10, USPS is revising Destination Sectional Center Facility (DSCF) Standard Mail service standards, which allows “load leveling” of mail volumes across delivery days.

Implementation of load leveling means that DSCF Standard Mail, when accepted on Fridays and Saturdays, will have a delivery expectation of up to 4 days.

With this change, delivery volume will be more evenly balanced across the workweek, with the following benefits:

  • Leveling the disproportionate amount of mail now delivered Mondays to other days of the week will help even carriers’ workload and improve their return times.
  • Load leveling will improve processing efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • Customers — those sending the mail and those receiving it — will receive more consistent delivery across the workweek. This higher level of reliability will lead to an improved customer experience.

This change will not affect service standards for First-Class Mail or Periodicals. USPS is not proposing any other changes in its service standards at this time.

The Federal Register has more information on the changes in its March 5 and March 14 editions. Operations also will distribute standard operating procedures and support materials.


  • TnRuralCarrier

    This is absolutely the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Let’s slow down mail delivery. Carriers are reprimanded for not driving back several miles when they find a piece of mail out of sequence in their computer sorted mail (DPS) because we are “delaying the mail”. There are groups of people paid big bucks to go around to all the post offices and harass employees over “delayed mail”. Mail accidentally left in the case causing the mail to be “delayed” can get an employee fired. Now, the USPS is saying, it doesn’t matter if we DELAY the mail, but you had better not do it. Stupidity at it’s finest.

  • awesome

    You must be one of the problems carrier’s that take 9 hours to deliver 100 letters. If the post office paid employees according to the workload they take, 99% of the carriers would be delivering two routes in 8 hours

  • Craig

    Actually Rural Carriers are paid evaluated pay. Paid same amount of hours daily regardless of how long it takes. My route pays 8.8 hours whether I do it in 6 or do it in 12.

  • IIlIIl111

    Hey genius, every address has to be delivered, even if they only get ONE pieces of mail…………

  • Rula

    true….now with all the packages from UPS …delivery times are now 9-10 hr days…I am finding myself jogging up to the house, just to get done by 9 hrs, when my rt is 42K.. Mondays, I am done 11.5 hrs…most others get done by 13 hrs.

  • All Your TSP Belong To Us !

    Let’s see you do an evaluated, walking carrier route, in a snow area.

    Good luck with that.

  • Chris Smith

    I think it’s one of the very few good ideas i have heard in 30 yrs as a carrier!!

  • Craig

    We don’t do walking routes. Rural routes are all mounted.

  • dauchund

    Just another plan where they run a 100 miles an hour down a dead end road some dumb ass that’s never carried mail before thought of this everbody agreed meeting over and they all went out to eat and drink on the customers dime!!!!

  • SalubriousET

    Just another excuse to scream for more undertime. Well, it’s early prep for 5 day…Curious to see if this plan will be executed at the plants. If not, then what’s the point?

  • me

    It’s not “delaying the mail” if the consumer (mailer) is told the expected delivery date. They are extending that expected date up to 4 days so the mail can be more evenly distributed. It ain’t rocket surgery.

  • Toejam

    You mean “load leveling” means making managers look good that cannot manage………….am I right????

  • freecountry

    It IS “delaying the mail” if the consumer(mailer) used to be told it would be delivered in two days and are now told it is four days! So obviously for you it isn’t rocket surgery.( The rest of us call it rocket science!)

  • Bocco

    So Awesome, (tri-rural carrier), just how long have you been playing 204B??

  • All Your TSP Belong To Us !

    Yes, I know.

    But since you brought up evaluated routes…………..

  • postalworker1

    P,RC, Told Manangement not to do it ,could cause volume to drop even further,,Geei could’ve sworn tht theysaid it ddnt work im Jersey??

  • guest

    It’s called management rights, and yes management has the right to delay mail.

  • Darp

    Best move by far USPS has made. This should have been done a decade ago. Why should a carrier unit deliver 150k of mail on Monday and only 70k the rest of the week. Most of the mail is standard that hopefully ends up in recyclables.

    Former Postmaster


  • Dave Carlson

    We need to get the pre-funding mandate repealed! Until that happens any move the postal service makes is insignificant!!!!!

  • MrZip

    It’s about time they started “load leveling.” I (as a letter carrier) have been trying to promote this concept for the past 20 years, but no one would listen. Monday has always been a killer (overtime), then Tuesday and Wednesday have been light (8 hr days or under time). If they spread the volume (which is mostly Bulk Business Mail [junk]) evenly across the three days you get a much more efficient process (3 – 8 hr days). I can’t believe it took them this long to figure it out. But, I’m glad they did.

  • freecountry

    How is it delaying the mail if the mailers are told 4 days and the mailings are then delivered in 4 days? Apparently this is to advanced for you.

  • I live on Craig’s route

    Try delivering the correct mail once in a while. I have seen some people not care about their job before, but its almost like you intentionally misdeliver the mail.

  • Craig

    And your a damned fool believing that.

  • postalworker1

    u r correct if thy don’t fix the pre-funding,this isall for not,,but eliminating good career jobs!! with the population on the rise where the hell is evrbdy going to get a decent job?

  • freecountry

    Obviously you didn’t get thru first grade math! If the same mail that USED to be delivered in two days is now taking four, that is delayed! Duh…. Four days vs two days. Get it?

  • hard worker

    That means that they would need lest management which they are not able to do.

  • City

    Right now, Mon DPS average 8 to 12 trays, then Tues – Sat average 4-6 trays a day

  • JET

    Years ago managers were allowed to curtail the bulk rate for a number of reasons.We were not out being shot at 8pm.
    If it does not make sense ( OT Monday) change it. The cost of that bulk rate doesn’t pay for the labor.

  • Wayne Langley

    I worked a high volume business route for years, and never got 8 to 12 trays. I see so many carriers walking long relays without a bag, it’s ridiculous.

  • Wayne Langley

    They never tried adjusting the routes to 8 hrs. was a bigger problem.

  • Wayne Langley

    Not first or second class genius.

  • matt

    On mondays I average 8-10 trays. Tuesday-saturday 3-4 trays. And yes some relays I can carry without bag.

  • Wayne Langley

    Are you talking about the small trays, or the large ones. I retired almost four years ago. I would get four trays on the day after the holidays. I didn’t mind DPS. All I had to do was stop, grab the mail, and get out. Some buildings I walked through [not in DPS], and some had central delivery. My one set of apts. got about half of my DPS volume most of the time. However, 20 feet of mail was common on my route.