• TKozy43

    Are these guys even allowed to come near what is clearly not USPS property?

  • Disgusted PO Employee

    Postal Management doing what they do best, make thier own rules and regulations. I shake my head with disgust. Postal Services in a store that going to close a number of its outlets. Hmmmmmmmm

  • Fed up

    The APWU shouldn’t be protesting things that are not against the contract. About time the Postal Service did something. The PS should take the APWU to court and file an unfair labor practice complaint. I guess the APWU only wants to follow the portions of the contract they agree with.

  • sickofidiots

    You can protest anywhere that is not Staples property, like the sidewalk in front of the store

  • sickofidiots

    How much do YOU know about the APWU’s contract? Subcontracting is covered in the agreement. People in the US need to wake up! The USPS is doing EXACTLY what the top 1% wants, they are taking good paying, good benefit jobs and handing that work over to Staples that has low-paying, bad benefits jobs! And WITHOUT any concern for service! Do you really believe that an employee with Staples is going to give you the information that a postal employee can give you? And lastly, this writer actually wants the USPS to file a labor charge on a union trying to keep good paying jobs and close the gap between the 1% and the 99%? I will be you vote along with the GOP? That is what is wrong with America today, you don’t think! God help us all!

  • Fed up

    Staples is no different than a contract station at your local drug store. They have been around for years and are allowed in the contract. Maybe the APWU and yourself don’t like it but the APWU signed the agreement. There a lot on the things in the contract that management doesn’t like but they have to live with as well. Workers need a union but not the the APWU. Teamsters a great union, good benefits, good wages but they don’t tolerate employees that don’t work. The APUW represents the misfits in the organization. Time for your members to wake up.

  • Kurt Heubusch

    the thing I worry about most and why I don`t go in other places besides the post office for mail delivery, is what happens when you bring in mail, and say the person waiting on you gets called to do part of their “real” job, the one they got hired to actually do. sets your mail somewhere, “til later” and forgets about it. or letter falls on floor, slides underneath desk.”i`ll get it later”. does later ever come?this is not their primary concern. I don`t like it. does your butcher sell paint on the side?

  • Retired USPS ET

    Interesting. Apparently USPS management deemed it prudent to have Postal Police presence at a lawful union protest site (off USPS property), but years ago permanently removed the Postal Police that were stationed at major facilities!?!

    Before retirement, I worked at the Wallingford CT P&DC, a facility every bit as productive and vital as the other major CT facility (Hartford), but we were stripped of Postal Police presence even before we moved into the facility (1994-95, Police were abolished at our previous location in New Haven years earlier). Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that WE were the office with an anthrax contamination and death (we were given Cipro for 6 months and were monitored by the CDC for a year or more after) and our previous office (New Haven GMF) was the one through which a letter bomb was processed and delivered, severely maiming a Yale professor.

    Postal Police presence might not have impacted those events, but the point is that management felt the hundreds of employees at those locations did not deserve coverage, while a peaceful demonstration does?!? Ah, the mixed signals you send me my dear.

    PS: Happily retired but still caring deeply about the future health of USPS, but wondering about the competency of its management.

  • karp45

    The Post Office Monster was created by the Post Office and now they want to cry “Help Me” Bunch of over paid crybabies, watch how they “destroy the hand that feeds them” Worked there for 16 years couldn’t wait to retire!