USPS video tells would be CCAs "move at your own pace" delivering the mail

The USPS recently posted a YouTube video aimed at recruiting City Carrier Assistants, the lower paid, temporary positions that are taking the place of many traditional full time carrier jobs.

The spot appears to use actual CCAs describing their workdays. Some of their experiences may come as a surprise to long time postal workers:

Maybe you spend about an hour or two inside loading, but once you get out onto the street, it’s your own time.

You can really pace yourself. Once you’re outside the station, it’s like you’re more relaxed.

You kind of move at your own pace. You don’t have anyone really breathing down your back.

you just get out, you do your own thing

When you’re a postal carrier, you become an impromptu tourist guide.

(Quotes are taken verbatim from the YouTube transcript).

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