APWU: Tests Prove It! — Using Postal Drivers Can Save Money, Secure Jobs

From the American Postal Workers Union:

A recent test in Louisville KY shows that the USPS can save money and preserve postal jobs by combining truck routes currently run by contractors with routes run by Postal Vehicle Service employees, says Motor Vehicle Service Craft Director Michael O. Foster.

The November test was the culmination of a months-long project that included a survey of Louisville transportation runs, which was conducted by a transportation consulting firm on behalf of the APWU. Using a technique known as “dynamic routing,” the firm developed new routes.

Last month, PVS drivers from Louisville and other areas drove the new routes so that management could observe a demonstration of the new configuration.

The test demonstrated that adding trips currently performed by Highway Contract Route (HCR) drivers (to city stations, associate offices and plants) to routes operated by Postal Vehicle Service drivers generates savings for the USPS. Using postal drivers on long-distance trips and other stops currently made by contractors also can lower costs, the test showed. The consulting firm presented an analysis of the test to the APWU in December.

“We have provided USPS headquarters the analysis,” Foster said. “We look forward to meeting with management to discuss implementation of routes that will save the USPS money and preserve postal jobs.”

The union has offered to conduct additional tests in other locations, including Fort Myers FL, Oklahoma City and Austin TX, where no PVS operations currently exist, Foster said. “We expect these additional tests to demonstrate that utilizing postal drivers can lower USPS costs and establish good union jobs at these locations as well,” he said.