Video: 'Mail delivery broke' in Indiana

As if the post office isn’t busy enough already, it’s prime-time shipping season now through the first of the year. Changes in the post office, mean changes in your delivery, notably, that Terre Haute, Indiana’s processing plant closed in 2013, and mail sent from Terre Haute zip codes to Terre Haute zip codes is shipped to Indianapolis for processing and then back to Terre Haute.

According to AFL-CIO Union leaders, Indianapolis is taking a majority of mail services from across the state, slowing down its production.Several News 10 viewers sent e-mails, and phone calls to the newsroom asking why they were getting their mail after dark. News 10 confirmed some letter carriers are working later hours, after seeing one driver on Terre Haute’s south side Tuesday around 6:30 P.M.

Read more: USPS: ‘Mail delivery broke, service ok’ | Terre Haute, Indiana.

  • Kai Alexis Price

    That’s just what happens when Federal legislation burdens the self-sufficient-and-not-taxpayer-funded USPS with unfair health insurance burdens, prevents them from innovating, and forces them to shutdown local postal operations.

  • Ronnie

    ATTENTION ALL CARRIERS: you are not required too sacrifice your safety in any circumstance. Delivering after dark is a safety hazard in more ways than can even be mentioned! If you have not finished with your deliveries at first signs of darkness, take the mail back to the office!! It is managements responsibility too get the mail delivered, but not at the expense of your safety! Let them figure it out!

  • joe hill

    Let that potato head Pence deliver the mail.

  • Smiley

    Tell that to the carrier in Md that got shot, here in Fl they are moving starting times to 9:30 am. They do no care about your safety, NALC needs to file a lawsuit on working in the dark. Because Management is going to continue to do it.

  • bigtime

    whats worse is the usps wont even provide lights to us after setting you up to work in pitch black conditions. I bet if pmg Donahue had to carry mail in dark he would have some newly created vice president of flash light carrying, walking beside him lighting the way.

  • Roma Montiel

    Delivering mail in the dark is not the sole reason for stating a safety issue. The issue of safety arises to the situation when you are delivering: i.e. is the area safe, are the sidewalks cracked and/or crooked, are there street lights, are there dogs that you can hear but can’t see? These situations make delivering in the dark unsafe & gives a valid reason to bring back mail with no fear of reprisals