NAPUS: "Overwhelming consensus" that USPS is "incapable of administering its own health benefits plan"

Note: According to, consideration of S. 1486 has been postponed.

The eNAPUS Legislative and Political Bulletin includes an analysis of the latest Senate postal reform legislation set to be voted on in committee next week:

Yesterday, Senate Homeland Security Chairman Tom Carper (D-DE) notified his committee members that S. 1486, the Carper-Coburn postal reform bill, will be brought to a vote next week, on Wednesday, November 6. In addition, on that day, the Committee plans a confirmation vote on Nanci Langley and Tony Hammond to continue as members of the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC).

While S. 1486, as drafted, provides a measure of financial relief and enables the USPS to be more innovative, contention remains in three major areas. With regard to FEHBP coverage, there is overwhelming consensus that the USPS is incapable of administering its own health benefits plan and, therefore, the final bill should offer coverage through the FEHBP. Another issue commanding attention is improving integration between FEHBP and Medicare… Second, mailers object to giving the USPS more latitude to adjust rates for market-dominant products… Third, there is concern S. 1486 does not adequately address postal service standards. For example, NAPUS believes that S. 1486 should include the retail service standards and PRC post office closing provisions that were included in last year’s bipartisan Senate-passed measure.

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