USPS Corporate Communications VP Sam Pulcrano to retire

From USPS News Link:

Corporate Communications VP Sam Pulcrano will retire from USPS June 30.

pulcrano“Sam has been an excellent leader of our corporate-wide communications efforts during one of the highest profile periods in our history,” said PMG Pat Donahoe. “He has helped us perform at a consistently high level, strengthened our overall approach to internal and external communications, and has been a trusted counselor to me and his other postal colleagues.”

Pulcrano’s 37-year career spanned numerous assignments in a cross section of Postal Service departments, including Operations, Labor Relations and Human Resources. In Labor Relations, he participated in five national labor negotiations. As Director of Safety and Environmental Performance, he implemented initiatives that led to a 50 percent reduction in employee reportable injuries nationwide.

As the Postal Service’s first Sustainability VP, Pulcrano launched the Lean Green Team employee engagement initiative and instituted the annual Sustainability Report. He also oversaw the creation of websites that were instrumental in educating employees and customer on the Postal Service’s sustainability progress. While in Sustainability, he also led a cross-functional team to develop the implementation plan to transition to a new five-day mail delivery schedule.

During his career, Pulcrano received numerous Vice President and Postmaster General awards. He began work with the Postal Service in 1975 as a mail handler.


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