18 more plants on the chopping block for 2013

The Mailhandlers Union has received the following fax from USPS Headquarters:

As a follow up to the notice provided May 16 regarding the modified network consolidation plan for implementation of the decisions announced on February 22, a decision has been made to advance the implementation of the sites on the enclosed list to 2013.

Enclosed for your review is a list of the sites identified for advance implementation.

The reason for this change is that the Postal Service has identified the opportunity to accelerate the anticipated Savings while still maintaining the interim SCF service standard. The U.S. Postal Service continues to face one of the most difficult challenges in its history. The current economic downturn and continued internet diversion has led to historically large deficits. As a result, the Postal Service is not receiving enough revenue to sustain the cost of its processing and delivery network.

It is projected that this consolidation will result in significant savings for the Postal Service. Some affected career employees may be reassigned to other vacant positions. Reassignments will be made in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.


Patrick M. Devine
Contract Administration (APWU)