Iowa’s GOP governor joins fight to save post offices (he owns a dozen of them)

Cynicism alert! There’s at least one Republican elected official who’s probably not too thrilled about Darrell Issa’s plan to downsize the USPS. Iowa Governor Terry Branstad recently joined a group of local officials fighting to keep their post offices open. The Governor’s support for the group couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that he owns a bunch of post offices– could it?

Iowa mayors, other city officials and concerned citizens from around the state met Saturday afternoon in a board room at Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge to coordinate their efforts to fight post office closures.

The group even emerged with a tentative name: Iowans for Post Office Services.

At least 17 cities from around the state were represented in a meeting that attracted more than 40 Iowans. Gov. Terry Branstad, who owns a dozen Iowa post office buildings, was among the group that gathered around a U-shaped conference table.

via Iowa mayors join forces to fight post office closures | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs.

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