USPS adds info on lateral transfers to RIF FAQs

The following information on non-competitive and lateral transfer requests has been added to the USPS Organizational Changes FAQ:

26. What jobs may I apply for noncompetitively during the June and July postings? (Added 06/16/2011)

All posted jobs at or below your current or saved grade level.

27. How do I apply noncompetitively for the postings in June and July? (Added 06/16/2011)

All interested noncompetitive applicants must apply via eCareer for the June and July postings. No special designation for a noncompetitive request is required by the applicant in the eCareer profile.

28. Do I have to complete the entire eCareer profile for a noncompetitive request? (Added 06/16/2011)

It is to your advantage to complete the entire eCareer profile in order to provide the Selecting Official with a better understanding of your qualifications for the position. Furthermore, Selecting Officials are not required to select from noncompetitive applicants. In cases where a noncompetitive selection is not made, applicants who were initially considered on a noncompetitive basis and who meet the “Persons Eligible to Apply” criteria, will then be considered on a competitive basis along with all other eligible competitive applicants competing for that position.

Read the complete FAQs at liteblue: 2011 Redesign FAQs.

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