PMG Comments On GAO Report on Five-Day Mail Delivery

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has produced a thorough and comprehensive review of the Postal Service proposal to move to a five day per week delivery schedule. We are pleased to see they agree that the Postal Service is likely to achieve significant cost savings if this change were to be effected and that much of its success depends on how efficiently it is implemented. We agree and believe that having completed a lengthy planning process; we are prepared to make that happen.

We are aware of the concerns certain stakeholders have expressed to GAO. We consulted extensively with our customers as we developed our operating plans. They can be assured that any decision to go to a five-day schedule will carefully balance our universal service responsibility and our statutory duty to operate in an efficient manner in light of prevailing volume, cost and revenue trends. Consideration of such matters will help ensure the financial stability of the Postal Service well into the future.