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Tuesday, May 26

  • upset

    A start to a typical day in Hebron, Oh, and carried a return to the post office. I stood at the counter for about 45 seconds a took in the sights before I rang the bell for service. What I saw bothered me. Again nobody around, about 6 or 7 stamps laying within arms reach. A USPS flat rate box addressed sitting on the edge of the counter even closer, and a smaller brown box also addressed sitting on the counter next to the station I was standing at, again within arms reach. Now I’m not one to take something that doesn’t belong to me, but with all the banter about homeland security, and not to mention the safety of anything I’m sending via USPS, I was in awe. So I ring the bell and the gentleman comes around the corner and says…
    Oh a prepaid, just set it there and we will get it. Maybe I should change offices I do business at. 8 years here and never an issue or reason to complain until now.

  • justice for all

    Anybody have info on Anthony Hernandez-Postmaster Pomona PO in CA being indicted on federal charges?

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