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Video: Store named ‘Goin’ Postal’ opens- in Royal Oak

Fox 2 News Headlines

With the holiday rush, so many packages are ready to be shipped via the post office, UPS or Goin’ Postal – a new shipping center in Royal Oak. It just opened last Monday but that name – Goin’ Postal – is already causing controversy.

“There’s no positive way that I’ve really ever heard that term used,” says Roscoe Woods. He’s the president of the local American Postal Workers Union. He remembers that terrible day in 1991 when disgruntled former employee Tom McIlvane killed four people and wounded four more at the Royal Oak Post Office.

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Video: Disgusting postal delivery causes huge stink

QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. — Shelli Tepe and her husband love their quaint Queen Creek neighborhood.

So when Shelli received an anonymous package in the mail recently she was blown away.

“I didn’t recognize the return address and there was kind of an intimidating message on the package,” she recalled.

And what was even more shocking what she found inside the box.

“We opened this, my daughter and I, and inside we get gorilla poop from,” proclaimed Tepe.

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USPS says blank space on receipt is a signature, denies insurance claim for missing computer

LINCOLN (CBS13) — Diane Jay thought she had taken every precaution.

Jay bought signature confirmation and insurance on the $1300 MacBook Pro she sold on eBay to a buyer in Berkeley.

But the buyer never got it, she said, and PayPal refunded the buyer in Berkeley his money, leaving Jay without her money or her laptop.

The signature delivery receipt doesn’t appear to show any signature on it, so Jay thought she’d get her insurance claim right away.

But the Postal Service denied her claim, saying the package was “delivered as addressed” — indicating the blank space on her receipt was in fact a signature.

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Columnist: Remind me again- why did the USPS sponsor Lance?

In today’s New York Times columnist Gail Collins weighs in on the continuing saga of Lance Armstrong, asking what the point of the whole fiasco was in the first place:

Collins_New-articleInline-v2Let’s consider the U.S. Postal Service Pro Cycling Team. Between 1996 and 2004, our American mail system invested an estimated $40 million in this venture, in return for which Armstrong and his teammates rode around with the Postal Service insignia on their shirts.

This would be the same Postal Service that lost $16 billion last year, and I believe I speak for every stamp-buyer in the nation when I say: What?

The Armstrong heyday was back in the era when the Postal Service, having been spun off into a quasi-private enterprise, was having delusions of corporate grandeur. The era when it lost $8.3 million in a failed attempt to start a retail operation in the Mall of America. Its leaders liked the idea that “they could rub shoulders with other C.E.O.’s who were sponsoring sports activities,” said Ruth Goldway, the chairwoman of the Postal Regulatory Commission.

Goldway was never a big fan of the postal service cycle team, although she felt it was a better marketing tool than some of the other ideas put into play, like “buying free tickets for postal employees to go to football games.” And, she said, she had some sympathy for Armstrong, “until I saw how he treated Sheryl Crow.”

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Internet users not impressed by USPS anti-Internet commercial

The USPS has been running a TV commercial touting the safety and security of the US Mail, as compared to the dark and dangerous world of the Internet. Not surprisingly, Internet users don’t appear to be leaving the web in droves- a sampling of Twitter reactions follows the video. (Doesn’t anyone at the USPS see the irony in running ads like this one at the same time they’re telling Congress they don’t need all those post offices because people can buy stamps on the Internet using their credit card?)

USPS trying to convince people of the awesomeness of paper bills was sad.
Oct 08 via Twitter for iPhoneFavoriteRetweetReply

Just saw a USPS commercial encouraging businesses to send out paper invoices instead of electronic – r u freakin kidding me?
Oct 08 via Twitter for BlackBerry®FavoriteRetweetReply

When the usps is advertising that we want secure paper bills because you, ‘cant hack a fridge’ you know they are screwed.
Oct 08 via TweetDeckFavoriteRetweetReply

New USPS commercials almost look like they’re making fun of themselves.
Oct 08 via TweetDeckFavoriteRetweetReply

Really USPS, you might not want to say you’re better than email bc it can spread viruses. One word: anthrax.
Oct 08 via TwitterrificFavoriteRetweetReply

USPS is DOOMED. No one ever got anthrax or a physical bomb emailed to them. Your agency should be fired.
Oct 08 via HootSuiteFavoriteRetweetReply