Video: letter carrier hits mailbox

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — The first thing Marvin Vinson noticed when he returned home from visiting relatives at Thanksgiving was his downed mailbox.

There was no note on the door, no phone message.”You would think someone would have the courtesy to take responsibility,” he said.

Vinson was curious about who caused the damage. Luckily, his home security camera captured it all. Continue reading Video: letter carrier hits mailbox

Video: NC consolidation to cost jobs, slow mail delivery

beakinaboxProcessing mail, packages, and parcels out of one local processing plant will soon move further west. The change will leave some without jobs, others with possible delivery delays.

Postal workers at the Rocky Mount Processing and Distribution Center are part of the USPS consolidation plan.

Last week, the USPS notified workers that by January 2015 the plant will shut down. All mail will then head 67 miles west to Raleigh’s processing plant. That means if someone mails a letter in Greenville to another Greenville resident, it will head to Raleigh first.

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USPS responds to video showing postal worker tossing parcels into ravine

A USPS public relations staffer used Facebook last night to respond to a viral video apparently showing an Alabama postal worker tossing parcels into a ravine. News reports suggest that the individual shown in the video has resigned. As of this writing, the video has had almost a half million views:

The USPS response, posted on the Huffington Post via Facebook:

The Postal Service condemns, in the strongest possible sense, the actions of any employee who mishandles mail or packages. A recent video obtained by the Postal Service appears to show a Postal Service employee discarding mail from his or her postal vehicle. If this video is accurate, then the behavior on the part of the employee shown in the video is not only unacceptable to the Postal Service, it threatens to tarnish the reputation and high level of trust that the vast majority of our employees work so hard to uphold. The USPS Inspector General has been notified and is conducting a full investigation of this incident. They will provide their findings and recommendations to the Postal Service and the United States Attorney’s Office for any further action.

Postal Worker Caught On Video Hurling Packages Into Ravine.