Video: Here’s Why You May Never Need to Go to a Post Office Again…

… provided you live in certain parts of four cities in the US, and are prepared to pay a $5 premium per pickup (on top of actual shipping charges):

Rebecca goes one-on-one with Shyp CEO Kevin Gibbons who is revolutionizing the postal industry.

Kind of amazing how you can “revolutionize the postal industry” when your service is only available in limited parts of four large cities in the US! Shyp’s $5 fee does cover up to 20 packages per pickup. So it might be a good deal for, say, an eBay shipper in lower Manhattan. Whether it will appeal to more than a niche market remains to be seen. Remember too, that Shyp only “revolutionizes” the parcel pickup part of the shipping process. The actual transportation and delivery of your package is handled by the Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS.

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Video: USPS warns residents of Oklahoma town to fix street or lose mail delivery

Inola_damaged_roadINOLA, Okla. — A bad road is causing trouble for people in an Inola neighborhood.

Monday, they learned if their street isn’t fixed in 30 days their postal service is going to be cancelled.

Heather Road in the Green Acres neighborhood has large potholes filled with water and curbs that are popping up out of the ground.

“It just gets worse and worse every year,” resident Kathy Beals said.

The notice from the post office says the neighborhood has a problem with their curbs and they have 30 days to fix the issue or their mail will stop being delivered to their homes.

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Binghamton USPS letter carrier recognized as ‘real hero’

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The American Red Cross awarded a USPS letter carrier in Binghamton for his actions that saved the life of one of his customers.

Earl Walker received the Workplace Safety Award at the Red Cross’ Real Heroes Breakfast.

In Sept. 2014, Walker noticed one of his customers, a 95-year-old man, had not picked up his mail. The gentleman’s car was in the driveway.He became concerned and knocked on the door and windows but there was no response.

“When he didn’t answer, I really was concerned about him,” said Walker.

He then alerted the Binghamton Police Department.

When officers responded, they found the man had fallen, was trapped and in need of medical attention. The man was taken to a local hospital.

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Video: Florida mail carrier discovers apparent murder-suicide


Deputies from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the deaths of a man and a woman whose bodies were found Wednesday at a home on Tribble Street in unincorporated Columbia County.

A postal worker found the body of 72-year-old Gwendolyn Cart and her husband, 79-year-old Robert Hupp, in what investigators believe was a murder/suicide by firearm, with Hupp pulling the trigger.

“As he put some mail in the slot by the front door he saw a couple of bodies. He checked the one to see if it was breathing, it was not, so he called 911 and we responded,” Cpl. Murray Smith of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office said.

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