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Rolando: Results reconfirm the steady improvement in USPS’ finances

NALC-LOGOFrom the National Association of Letter Carriers:

Following today’s release of the U.S. Postal Service’s financial statement for the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2014, which covers January, February and March, NALC President Fredric Rolando released the following statement:

The Postal Service today reported a quarterly operating profit of $261 million, which brings the operating profit for the first half of fiscal 2014 to more than $1 billion. Driving the quarterly performance were the 8 percent jump in package revenue and—in a turnaround—the 1.6 percent increase in letter revenue.

These results reconfirm the steady improvement in the finances of the Postal Service, which has been operating at a profit since October 2012. Rising online shopping has sparked a jump in package revenue, while a gradually rebounding economy has stabilized mail revenue. That’s why the USPS forecasts a $1.1 billion operating profit this year.

Given these positive trends, it would be irresponsible to degrade services to the public, which would drive away mail—and revenue—and stop the postal turnaround in its tracks. Lawmakers shouldn’t dismantle the postal network that is profitable in meeting the needs of an evolving society.

Instead, legislators should address the factor that is causing 100 percent of the losses—the congressional mandate that the Postal Service, alone among all public agencies and private companies, be required to pre-fund future retiree health benefits.

We will be glad to work with lawmakers and the postmaster general to develop a comprehensive plan that strengthens the existing networks while addressing the unfair pre-funding obligation so the Postal Service, which is based in the Constitution, can continue to provide Americans with the world’s most affordable and efficient delivery network without a dime of taxpayer money.


USPS Records Q2 Loss of $1.9 Billion- but without PAEA, it would be showing a profit

The USPS has released financial results for the second quarter, showing a $1.9 billion loss for the period, bringing the year to date loss to $2.2 billion. The YTD loss includes $2.9 billion in accrued charges for the 2006 PAEA trust fund requirement (which the USPS will not actually pay), meaning the USPS has actually shown a cash profit of about $700 million for the year to date period. Read More


GrayHair Software successful in case against patent troll

From Grayhair Software:

At GrayHair, we have been the last combatant standing in the mailing industry’s epic battle against a patent troll. After almost two years, we can now move forward in the use of the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb™) and can provide risk-free mail processing to our current and future clients. This agreement also indemnifies GrayHair’s clients against future claims of patent infringement. This is a result of our uncompromising stance and powerful legal arguments,

We became the patent troll’s most stalwart opponent when two significant lawsuits stunned the mailing industry. The suits targeted well-known, reputable mail service providers, claiming infringement on patents applying to “generating, storing and processing mail identification data.” This refers to marks on a mailpiece (such as a QR code, an Intelligent Mail barcode or perhaps any future mail-enhancing technology) that link information from the barcode to a database for tracking purposes.

Everyone at GrayHair is as jubilant as they are relieved to announce that, going forward, all our clients are protected from the patent troll threats. We have successfully defended our values and secured permanent protection for all of our clients.


NLRB Issues Complaint Over USPS Failure to Provide Info to APWU

apwulogoMay 8, 2014 – In response to two charges filed by the APWU, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a complaint against the Postal Service on April 30, asserting that the USPS “has been failing and refusing to bargain collectively and in good faith,” by refusing to provide information to the union. The Postal Service’s actions violate the National Labor Relations Act and the Postal Reorganization Act, wrote Steven Shuster, Acting Regional Director of NLRB Region 5.

The NLRB has informed the APWU that because of the Postal Service’s repeated failure to provide information the union is contractually and legally entitled to obtain, it will demand a “formal settlement” of two charges filed by the union. This means that the USPS will be required to admit the violations alleged in the complaint, and, among other remedies, agree to cease and desist from its refusal to provide the information. If the Postal Service refuses to enter into a formal settlement, a hearing will be held this summer before an NLRB Administrative Law Judge.

The first charge in the complaint involves management’s refusal to provide the Motor Vehicle Service Division with Postal Service Form 7463a. Form 7463a is a cost-statement submitted to the USPS by Highway Contractors seeking to renew contract trucking routes. The information contained on the form is vital to the union’s ability to ensure that the Postal Service is conducting a fair comparison of all reasonable costs before renewing contracts, and will be crucial to the union’s ability to win additional work and jobs in the Postal Vehicle Service. Management claimed the information contained on the form is confidential and proprietary.

The second charge involved the Postal Service’s failure to provide information to the APWU regarding its “pilot test” of outsourcing to UPS the sorting and processing of irregular and non-machineable outside parcels (NMOs) in Des Moines and Chicago Network Distribution Centers. The Postal Service claimed that the Collective Bargaining Agreement is not applicable to “pilots” and therefore management is not required to provide the information. The USPS made a similar claim in its response to the APWU’s request for information about the so-called Staples pilot.

“I’m pleased by the board’s ruling,” said APWU Mark Dimondstein. “Management’s stubborn refusal to provide information cannot hide the truth.

“We will continue to aggressively pursue relevant information and to expose management’s attempts to operate in secrecy. The Postal Service belongs to the people of this country. The people and postal workers have a right to know what postal executives are up to.”

APWU Motor Vehicle Service Division Director Michael O. Foster was also pleased with the ruling. “The decision brings us one step closer to getting the information we need to make a true cost comparison. This will help us win more work for APWU members, help the USPS operate more efficiently and help us better serve the nation,” he said.

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Complaints Growing Over Undelivered Mail in Chicago

CBS — Regular mail delivery is taken for granted by most people, but now there’s been a growing chorus of complaints from residential neighborhoods across the city to businesses in the Loop.

The CBS 2 investigators learned some of the mail mess has been caused by a huge turnover in staff, from managers to mail carriers, inadequate training and a customer service operation that seems to be unresponsive to complaints.

“The way they distribute the mail is…really embarrassing,” said Richard Holtzman, the owner of a condo management company that depends on its mail to pay the customer’s bills.

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