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Video: Authorities contacting victims of accused Maryland mail thief

Investigators are contacting people they believe were the victims of a postman accused of stealing bagfuls of mail — a fairly straightforward task, apparently, because evidence they’ve seized has the victims’ addresses written on the front.

“U.S. Mail addressed to you was recently found in an opened condition in connection with an active investigation,” Special Agent Steven Mason of the postal service inspector general wrote in a letter obtained by The Baltimore Sun.

Earlier this year, agents acting on a tip raided the home of postman Jeffrey L. Shipley and seizing large volumes of mail. In late May he was charged in connection with the theft of about 20,000 pieces of mail and items including Netflix videos, credit cards and other valuables.

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Video: Post Office Investigating After Mail Found Opened and Scattered Around Ohio Neighborhood

COLUMBUS (Tara Morgan) — An investigation is underway after families in one neighborhood found their mail ripped open and strewn all over the place. It happened in the Edgewater neighborhood near Hilliard.

The post office fielded nearly a dozen calls Friday about mailboxes wide open and letters ripped up on the ground. “I believe it’s some kids who don’t really understand what they’re messing with but they should learn,” said one homeowner named Philip.

Right after ABC 6/FOX 28 interviewed Phillip, three girls told us they found a stack of mail in a gazebo near the neighborhood pond.Tax papers and payment invoices were scattered around, with private information for anyone to see.

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Video: Pennsylvania Community Shocked by Charges Against PMR

CASTANEA — A former postal worker in Clinton County plans to plead guilty to stealing from the post office. Federal prosecutors accuse the woman of embezzling thousands of dollars from the post office she used to run in Castanea. Newswatch 16 spoke with people in the community who only had nice things to say about the woman.

The post office is one of the busiest places in Castanea, a community just outside Lock Haven. Macey Geyer started working at the post office back in 2007. Now federal prosecutors accuse her of stealing more than nine-thousand dollars in postal funds.

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Video: San Jose Postal Inspector Arrested, Accused of Stealing, Destroying Mail

A San Jose postal inspector has been arrested over accusations he was stealing and destroying mail, according to a criminal complaint.

Quan Howard served as a supervisor at the downtown post office on St. John Street.

Prosecutors said they have Howard on video stealing items like gift cards, prescription pills, two silver bars, passports, marijuana and $5,000 in cash.

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Former postal worker charged with stealing drugs and later breaking into post office

inspectorA former postal worker in Alabama has been indicted for stealing hydrocodone from the mail when he worked as a distribution clerk at the Skyland Boulevard post office in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2012. Nichols Steven Davis, 42, of Tuscaloosa, was subsequently fired. But that didn’t stop him from trying to steal from the mail:

The indictment also charges Davis with breaking into the post office twice last month, on June 7 and June 15, with the intention of committing theft after he was fired. The maximum penalty for each charge is five years in prison and a fine up to $250,000.

The Postal Service OIG and Postal Inspection Service investigated the case.

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