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Video: Is the USPS a “safe” way to ship marijuana?

A man from Whitefish Bay named Ed Patterson said he just wanted to follow in his family’s footsteps. So, early last year, he bought his neighborhood McDonald’s — the same Milwaukee store his father had owned when he was just a boy.

Patterson operated three McDonald’s restaurants in Fox Point, Mequon, and Glendale. Federal authorities say he used his fast food empire to launder drug money and conceal his most lucrative business: marijuana.

Patterson and his buddies were arrested last fall, and the criminal complaint that followed shows how he was able to use the United States Postal Service to ship hundreds of thousand of dollars of pot from Mendocino County, California to Wisconsin.

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Ten USPS employees charged with workers comp fraud

Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Rafael A. Medina, the Special Agent-in-Charge of United States Postal Service, Office of Inspector General (“USPS-OIG”), and Cheryl Garcia, Acting Special Agent-in-Charge of the United States Department of Labor, Office of Inspector General (“DOL-OIG”), Office of Labor Racketeering and Fraud Investigations, today announced charges against 11 defendants for defrauding the Department of Labor’s federal workers’ compensation benefits program by claiming to be injured or disabled so that they could claim benefits to which they were not entitled. In addition, certain of the defendants failed to report income that they earned from other businesses they were running while allegedly too disabled to return to their federal employment. The 11 defendants include 10 United States Postal Service employees and one employee of the U.S. Navy, all but one of whom were arrested and presented today in Manhattan federal court before Magistrate Judge James C. Francis IV. One defendant was arrested on April 17, 2014, as part of the same operation. Read More


Video: Detroit postal worker faces workers comp fraud charges

DETROIT – A former U.S. Postal Worker in Detroit is expected to face charges of double-dipping, after federal agents found her illegally working at a new job.

Caprice Hughes worked for the postal service for six years. During that time she filed a number of worker’s compensation claims and was granted a leave from her job last year, when a right arm injury left her unable to lift anything heavier than five pounds.

She was paid nearly $30,000 a year in disability checks, with a requirement not to work at other jobs, as well as filing and signing legal paperwork in the process.

But federal agents found her working at a hair and nail salon in Oak Park.

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Atlanta postman robbed at gunpoint while delivering mail


Atlanta Police Department’s crime scene unit showed up at the post office on Sunset Avenue after someone robbed a mailman at gunpoint Monday.

Yuland Burns is a spokeswoman for the U.S. Postal Service.

"Of course he’s shaken up, as anyone would be, but he was not physically injured," said Burns.

It happened at about 1 p.m. Burns said the carrier was delivering mail on his route along Joseph E. Boone Boulevard.

"They did not take any mail, so the mail will be delivered and it is safe and secure. They only robbed him of personal property," said Burns.

CBS46 News

Burns said the thief took the man’s cell phone and a small amount of cash.

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West Palm Beach: Man scams post office out of $40,000

Postal Clerks became suspicious when a man came in asking to buy hundreds of rolls of stamps with a check and didn’t want to show his ID.

Postal employees were purposely trying to keep him there so they could get a picture of him and alert inspectors.

“He got nervous, waiting for so long for us to attend to him, and he wasn’t getting his goods. And he got nervous, left the check, and walked out of the building,” said Customer Service Manager, Melinda Martel. Read More