postalnews poll: Should Doug Hughes be applauded or condemned for his protest?

Poll: Should the USPS reissue the Maya Angelou stamp with an original quote?

A columnist for the Lynchburg News & Advance says the US Postal Service should re-issue the Maya Angelou stamp with an original quote by the author. Marsha Mercer writes that the error “tarnishes the honor of having the portrait of the renowned poet on a stamp. It sends the wrong message to millions of young people who need to know that proper attribution matters, the Internet can be a highly unreliable source and it’s never too late to correct your mistakes.”

What do you think?

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Poll: should the APWU be spending money to oppose the Staples/Office Depot merger?

Office-Depot-StaplesThe American Postal Workers Union has announced that it has “engaged a team of financial advisors, lawyers and economists to challenge the merger between Staples and Office Depot”. Do you think that’s a good use of union funds?