NAPUS: Postal Service Announces Plans to Post Additional 6-Hour Offices


Posting Timeline Released for 2013 PTPO/RMPO Offices

Today, the Postal Service notified NAPUS of plans to post additional vacant offices that are scheduled to become 6-hour POStPlan offices.  Offices on the next posting list will include those where POStPlan is implemented, making them 6 –hour offices on February 9, February 23, and March 9, 2013. The effective date for these postings will be May 4, 2013. A list of these offices will be provided as soon as it is available.

The Postal Service also released the timeline for a future posting which will occur between April 24 and June 29, 2013.  Included with the timeline is eligibility and pay information that will be included on the vacancy announcements.  A list of affected offices will be provided when it becomes available.

Please click on the link to see the information on the additional vacancy postings and the timeline. Additional 6 -hour office postings

Charlie Moser
January 25, 2013


Adjustments to Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) Process Announced


Postal Headquarters Responds to Management Association’s Concerns

In response to concerns raised by the three management associations (NAPUS, NAPS and the League,) Postal Headquarters officials announced adjustments to the DUO process, which will be rolled out this Thursday, January 24, 2013.  Adjustments will include changes to the DUO Financial Worksheets in CSDC, as well as an approval process through the Area Vice President.

Leaders of the three management associations have been involved in a series of meetings with  top Postal officials on issues concerning DUO implementations that were being done without following the proper guidelines and failed to show cost savings.  One of the most important adjustments to the DUO process will now require a signoff by the Area Vice President, which should ensure that guidelines are followed and cost savings estimates are valid.

As previously posted on the NAPUS website, on January 11, 2013, the USPS announced a temporary suspension of DUO implementations, pending adjustments to the process.  With the roll out of the new process on January 24th, 2013, DUO activities will be resumed; except in offices that have rural routes that will be counted in the national rural count, where the DUO moratorium will be in effect.  Updates to the DUO process will be posted on the NAPUS website as it becomes available. DUO Suspension

Charlie Moser
January 22, 2013


NAPUS & USPS Officials Meet to Discuss Administrative Rules for Pay for Performance Program

napusNAPUS and League leaders met with USPS Officials to update the Administrative Rules and the Mitigating Factors process for the Pay for Performance (PFP) program. Updates to the Administrative Rules will include eliminating references to the former core requirements indicators, which were eliminated under the Postmaster Pay Package for FY2011-2015.

Under the current National Performance Assessment (NPA) process, Postmasters will be evaluated on Unit and Corporate performance indicators. Corporate indicators will account for 60% of the composite score and Unit indicators will account for 40% of the composite score. The Unit and Corporate performance indicators are established and measured in the National Performance Assessment (NPA) system.

PFP salary determinations for FY2013 will be subject to the Postal Service’s review of compensation practices throughout the United States economy. Based on that review, PFP program ratings will either be suspended or applied to salary determinations. For FY2014 and FY2015, PFP ratings will be applied to salary determinations.

Postal headquarters also released the non-bargaining salary schedules for FY2013, including 6 hour offices and PMRs. The new schedules are posted on the NPA/PFP link on the NAPUS website.

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NAPUS: Holding Congress Accountable on November 6

From the National Association of Postmasters of the United States:

A reoccurring message delivered at the recently concluded NAPUS convention was that Congress’ failure to enact legislation to maintain a viable Postal Service is undermining the agency’s ability to provide the level of service to which Americans are entitled and expect. While the U.S. Senate has met its obligation to pass legislation (S 1789), the House failed to meet its constitutional responsibility due to an objectionable and highly-partisan postal bill (HR 2309). Moreover, the House Leadership has been reluctant to bring forth consensus-driven, constructive postal relief legislation.

In order to elevate postal visibility in the 2012 electoral dialogue, NAPUS members are being asked to widely-disseminate a non-partisan congressional campaign flier entitled, A Postal Message to American Voters.  (The flier was shared with NAPUS Chapter Presidents and Legislative Chairs prior to the annual convention.)

NAPUS believes that American voters must hold individual Members of Congress accountable at the polls for the state of the Postal Service.  Elected officials who advocate for legislation to promote a viable universal Postal Service should be rewarded on Election Day; and those who refuse to commit to constructive legislation that ensures a viable universal Postal Service, or would push the agency over-the-cliff and into insolvency should be punished at the polls.

USPS COO Brennan Addresses NAPUS Convention

USPS Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Megan Brennan thanked Postmasters for what they do, day in and out. “You wear the public mantle,” she said, “internally and for your customers.” She commended President Bob Rapoza for his leadership. She told convention attendees he has been a staunch advocate for NAPUS and Postmasters.

Brennan flashed on the screen some recent dire headlines about the Postal Service. “This is what causes a crisis among mailers,” she pointed out, “and impacts employee morale. You and I will change these headlines.” Continue reading