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California letter carrier’s attention to detail helps customer

From USPS News Link:

San Francisco Letter Carrier Richard Cairo was delivering mail when he noticed several irregularities in the normal schedule of an elderly customer. Throughout the day, he noticed the mail had not been collected and the customer’s garbage cans were still in front of his house.

When Cairo found out from a neighbor that the man also had not attended his daily exercise activity, he decided to call the police.

After a brief investigation, one of the police officers who responded to Cairo’s call for help heard a faint cry for help coming from inside the house. The police officers entered the house and found the 92-year-old resident lying on the kitchen floor and in need of medical attention.

After a brief hospital stay, the elderly man has recovered, thanks to Cairo’s help.


Video: A Portland OR mailman’s last stop is the most rewarding

Long before Dave Burgeson arrives, residents gather in the expansive lobby, sitting in chairs to keep an eye on the front door for the visitor who connects them to the outside world.

Although Burgeson is just a mail carrier, he receives a greeting worthy of a dignitary, the crowd applauding and calling out his name when he steps inside the building. He repays them by pretending to look startled, then smiling and offering a theatrical bow.

The receptionist – used to this game – goes about her business and simply places a sign on her desk reading: "The mail is here."

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Update with video: Postal worker victim of hit-and-run; Police continue searching…


Butler City police are asking for the public’s help identifying the driver wanted in connection with a hit-and-run accident Saturday morning.

Authorities said a postal worker was hit at the intersection of Spang and Walker avenues while delivering mail just before 10 a.m. Saturday.

“The police report indicated that he was hit and thrown up on the hood. (The driver) had to have known (he hit someone),” Butler police Lt. Dave Delcamo said.

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Video: Dallas carrier skips deliveries, marks mail “return to sender”

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Officials with the United States Postal Service say they have fired a North Texas mail carrier for skipping part of his route and not delivering a significant amount of mail by simply marking the letters and packages ‘return to sender.’

A number of items returned included voter registration cards and that’s now caused concern for Dallas County elections officials.

A single voter’s complaint led the Dallas County Elections Department to investigate and discover the post office delivery issue.

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Video: DC letter carriers say they are being forced to end shifts early

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – Rain, sleet and snow may not stop the United States Postal Service, but fear of paying overtime could keep letters from reaching your mailbox in a timely fashion.

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Some Washington, D.C. postal workers say post office management is forcing them off the street early, even when their routes are far from complete. Although a USPS spokeswoman denied any such allegations, carriers tell ABC7 that the newly established rule is being strictly enforced.

"They’re [management] constantly telling us to leave first-class mail, leave packages, everything, and it’s getting ridiculous," a veteran mail carrier, speaking on a condition of anonymity, told ABC7.

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