Long Island mailman threw out thousands of pieces of mail

Forget “snow nor rain,” this mailman was too lazy to deliver the mail in any weather.

Ignoring his employer’s reliability mantra, a Long Island postal carrier tossed more than a thousand pieces of mail into Dumpsters along his route — just to avoid the nuisance of having to deliver them, authorities said.

Federal agents began monitoring US Postal Service worker Patrick Paskett’s movements earlier this month after Seaford and Massapequa Park residents complained that they weren’t receiving letters and packages, according to a Brooklyn federal court complaint.

Special agent Steven DeMayo tracked Paskett’s movements on March 6 and was stunned to see him chucking a stack of mail into a Massapequa Park trash bin.

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Video: Dallas carrier skips deliveries, marks mail “return to sender”

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Officials with the United States Postal Service say they have fired a North Texas mail carrier for skipping part of his route and not delivering a significant amount of mail by simply marking the letters and packages ‘return to sender.’

A number of items returned included voter registration cards and that’s now caused concern for Dallas County elections officials.

A single voter’s complaint led the Dallas County Elections Department to investigate and discover the post office delivery issue.

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NALC and USPS agree new MOU on CCA temporary assignments to other post offices

NALC-LOGONALC and the Postal Service have agreed on a new memorandum of understanding, Re: City Carrier Assistants – Temporary Assignments to Other Post Offices (M-01827), that defines the process for temporarily assigning city carrier assistants (CCAs) to other post offices.

The parties agree to the following regarding the temporary assignment of city carrier assistants (CCAs) outside their employing post office (installation) to another post office (installation):

1. CCAs will normally work in their employing post office but may be assigned to work in another post office in the local travel area (Handbook F-15, Section 7- within the same district on an occasional basis (the assignment may be for a partial day or several consecutive days, depending on local circumstances). Sunday CCA work assignments are not subject to the occasional basis limitation.

2. Temporary assignments must otherwise be consistent with the National Agreement (e.g. assigning CCAs to work outside their employing office may not violate Article 7.1.C.4 in the temporary office or the letter carrier paragraph in the employing office).

3. Management will schedule CCAs to work in other post offices in advance of the reporting date whenever practicable.

4. When the need arises to temporarily assign CCAs outside their employing post office, management will, to the extent practicable, use volunteer CCAs from the delivery unit providing assistance as long as the volunteers will be in a similar pay status (e.g. straight-time rate, regular overtime rate, penalty overtime rate). If sufficient volunteers are not found, CCAs from the delivery unit providing assistance will be temporarily assigned to the other installation in reverse relative standing order whenever practicable as long as the junior CCAs are in a similar pay status.

5. CCAs who are required or volunteer to work outside their employing office may receive payment for mileage for the difference between their residence and employing office provided the difference is greater (Handbook F-15, Section 7-

The procedures outlined above are effective on December 7, 2013; however, either party may terminate this agreement by providing 30 days written notice to the other party. This agreement is reached without prejudice to the position of either party in this or any other matter and may only be cited to enforce its terms.

NALC: over 1,500 CCAs converted to full-time career status


From the National Association of Letter Carriers:

Nov. 9, 2013–Pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding Re: Residual Vacancies–City Letter Carrier Craft (M-01824), the first wave of city carrier assistant (CCA) conversions to full-time career status took place Nov. 2.

While the exact number of conversions that took place on Nov. 2 has not yet been finalized, NALC estimates that somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 CCAs, most of whom had served multiple years as transitional employees (TEs) prior to becoming CCAs, were converted to full-time career status to fill vacant full-time letter carrier jobs.

Those who served as former TEs directly before their CCA appointments will not serve a probationary period as full-time career letter carriers (see M-01826).

As vacancies continue to be filled through the steps in M-01824, more CCA conversions should take place in the coming weeks and months.


NALC: New MOU on CCA probation and holiday carrier assistants

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS LOGOOct. 23, 2013—In a memorandum of understanding (M-01826) dated Oct. 22, 2013 regarding city carrier assistant (CCA) staffing, the NALC and the Postal Service agreed that city carrier assistants who served as city carrier temporary employees (TEs) directly before their initial CCA appointment will not serve a probationary period when converted to full-time career status during the term of the MOU.

In the MOU, which is effective through March 31, 2014, the parties agreed to jointly monitor on a weekly basis at the national level the necessary CCA resources during implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding Re: Residual Vacancies – City Letter Carrier Craft (M-01824) and the Sunday parcel delivery test.

Additionally, to assist with the significant increase of parcel volume expected over the holiday season, holiday carrier assistants, which were an option beginning in 2014 per the 2011 National Agreement, will now be available during December 2013.