Video: USPS workers protest loss of services in Bradenton

BRADENTON — Postal workers warned Thursday that if people don’t start paying attention to what they described as the degradation of the postal service, in five or 10 years the industry will look completely different, and not in a good way.

“By outsourcing a little bit here, a little bit there, downgrading over time — I mean, you used to be able to get a letter in Bradenton, you could mail it today and get it tomorrow,” sad Deborah Smith, president of the Manatee-area local of the American Postal Workers Union. “Now that’s taking two or three days, because that mail is having to travel, because of this downsizing and the services being cut.”

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Video: Kansas City postal workers rally to keep post offices open

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Postal workers nationwide and in Kansas City are fighting to keep your local post office open.

The United States Postal Service plans to reduce hours and close branches nationwide. No branches in Kansas City are currently set to close, but with 82 processing centers set to close around the country, including one in Springfield, Mo., mail service will be slowed.

If you’re hoping to mail a letter or bill, it probably won’t get there overnight. Instead, it may take two to three days to arrive.

Postal Service employees are infuriated because they don’t want to work fewer hours or see offices close. On Thursday they’ll rally to keep things as they are. Continue reading

What Are They Trying to Hide? USPS Buries Performance Report

05/13/2015 – The Postal Service’s second quarter performance scores are in – but you wouldn’t know it from looking at their website.

Instead of posting a press release bragging about on-time delivery scores – as management typically does – the results are tucked away at the bottom of the Postal Regulatory Commission’s daily filings page and buried on an obscure page on the USPS website.

So what exactly is the Postal Service trying to hide?

The results are bad – very bad.

The APWU has not yet had the chance to fully analyze the official, published reports, but we know from an analysis of preliminary results that on-time delivery of first-class mail dropped dramatically in early 2015 compared to the same period in 2014.

According to an April 27 Washington Post article titled, “It’s not just you: Letters really are taking longer to get delivered:”

  • A decision by the Postal Service this past January to abandon overnight mail delivery is causing severe delays in mail delivery.
  • “Preliminary internal data shows that the Postal Service did not meet even its lower targets for first-class mail during the first seven weeks of 2015, with letters that are supposed to take three days … arriving on time just 54 percent to 63 percent of the time.”

Despite the terrible performance scores, postal management is pushing ahead with plans to close and consolidate mail processing centers, which will further devastate mail delivery throughout the country.

The APWU is standing up and fighting back! During contract negotiations, the APWU has made the unprecedented move of bringing consumer issues to the bargaining table, insisting that quality service is crucial to maintaining a strong public Postal Service.

In addition to proposals that would protect good, stable jobs, postal workers are demanding extended hours at post offices, shorter wait time in line for customers, an end to the closure of mail sorting centers, restoration of prompt mail delivery, and the addition of new services, including postal banking.

“We need everyone to contact their members of Congress and ask them to stop further consolidations and closures and to restore high service standards,” said APWU Executive Vice President Debby Szeredy.

APWU President’s Statement on “Questionable” Sales of Historic Post Offices by USPS’s Real Estate Firm, CBRE

04/29/2015 – Washington – The Inspector General’s report on the Postal Service’s real estate transactions with CBRE is a stinging indictment of the way the USPS has sold off post offices and other facilities. It is also a condemnation of the cozy relationship between postal management and the world’s biggest real estate company. The USPS arrangement with CBRE allows the company to represent both the buyer and seller.

The U.S. Postal Service belongs to the people of this country. We must not permit postal executives and the Board of Governors to sell our beautiful historic buildings at a discount; nor should we permit CBRE to drain the Postal Service treasury with lease deals that benefit the real estate firm at the expense of postal customers and the American people.

The APWU endorses the IG’s recommendation to terminate the Postal Service’s contract with CBRE. The APWU also applauds the IG’s decision to refer numerous CBRE transactions to its Office of Investigations for further review.

Regrettably, CBRE is not the only private, for-profit company that is treating the U.S. Postal Service like a private piggy bank. The Inspector General also should examine the role of CBRE CEO Robert Sulentic on the Staples board of directors at a time when the USPS is reducing hours or shuttering post offices and encouraging customers to take their mail to Staples stores.

This report shows we need to protect the USPS from corporate pirates who would plunder it.

APWU: Members Eligible For Maintenance Craft’s AOI Remedy Identified

04/14/2015Maintenance Craft employees who are eligible for a monetary remedy in the Associate Office Infrastructure (AOI) arbitration award have been identified, Director Steve Raymer has announced. Checks to union members are currently being processed.

Eligible employees are those who occupied an ET-10, ET-11, AMS-8 or AMT-9 positions on Dec. 11, 2014, as well as any (former) ETs who were in a saved grade status on that date. Each identified recipient will receive a lump-sum payment of $1,056.71.

The resolution identifies 7,149 eligible employees.

Payment is expected during Pay Period 10-2015 or Pay Period 11-2015, which ends on May 15, 2015, Raymer said.

Members of the identified groups who do not receive payment by the end of Pay Period 11 should contact the Maintenance Division, in writing, and should include the following information:

Current Occupational Group
Office Location

Supporting Document(s) should also be included, such as PS Form 50 or the pay stub for Pay Period 1-2015, which included Dec. 11, 2014.

Information should be sent to:

Maintenance Division
Steve Raymer, Director
1300 L Street NW
Washington DC 20005

“There was a small variance between the number of employees identified by the APWU and the Postal Service, but the Maintenance Craft officers decided to go forward with expeditious payment and set aside a portion of the award to ensure no one falls through the cracks,” Raymer said. “This is commonly done with large monetary arbitration awards.”