GrayHair Software successful in case against patent troll

From Grayhair Software:

At GrayHair, we have been the last combatant standing in the mailing industry’s epic battle against a patent troll. After almost two years, we can now move forward in the use of the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb™) and can provide risk-free mail processing to our current and future clients. This agreement also indemnifies GrayHair’s clients against future claims of patent infringement. This is a result of our uncompromising stance and powerful legal arguments,

We became the patent troll’s most stalwart opponent when two significant lawsuits stunned the mailing industry. The suits targeted well-known, reputable mail service providers, claiming infringement on patents applying to “generating, storing and processing mail identification data.” This refers to marks on a mailpiece (such as a QR code, an Intelligent Mail barcode or perhaps any future mail-enhancing technology) that link information from the barcode to a database for tracking purposes.

Everyone at GrayHair is as jubilant as they are relieved to announce that, going forward, all our clients are protected from the patent troll threats. We have successfully defended our values and secured permanent protection for all of our clients.