Complaints Growing Over Undelivered Mail in Chicago

CBS — Regular mail delivery is taken for granted by most people, but now there’s been a growing chorus of complaints from residential neighborhoods across the city to businesses in the Loop.

The CBS 2 investigators learned some of the mail mess has been caused by a huge turnover in staff, from managers to mail carriers, inadequate training and a customer service operation that seems to be unresponsive to complaints.

“The way they distribute the mail is…really embarrassing,” said Richard Holtzman, the owner of a condo management company that depends on its mail to pay the customer’s bills.

Read more: 2 Investigators: Complaints Growing Over Undelivered Mail « CBS Chicago.

  • Still Waiting

    Definitely experiencing this right now! I had a package that was attempted to be delivered last friday, and I filled out the card (put it in the mailbox with the lid halfway open) and in addition went to the USPS web site and confirmed a redelivery for the next day (May 3), stupidly thinking that they deliver on Saturdays and would also try again to deliver my package. On Tuesday the 6th I finally see mail in my mailbox, but the pink slip wasn’t there, nor was the package. So now I’ve emailed USPS twice and am now on hold with them. No response yet even from their main web page. So weird!

  • Marcus1956

    The Post Office is hiring young Minorities at a wage of $14.50 an hour for Carrier and Clerk work. There is no training for these new employees and they can be front line managers for the asking but do not get a hourly raise for the promotion. Many of the new hires are relatives of current Postal employees. Some do a fair job some do not and are focused on how they feel they should be treated.