Video: Is the USPS a “safe” way to ship marijuana?

A man from Whitefish Bay named Ed Patterson said he just wanted to follow in his family’s footsteps. So, early last year, he bought his neighborhood McDonald’s — the same Milwaukee store his father had owned when he was just a boy.

Patterson operated three McDonald’s restaurants in Fox Point, Mequon, and Glendale. Federal authorities say he used his fast food empire to launder drug money and conceal his most lucrative business: marijuana.

Patterson and his buddies were arrested last fall, and the criminal complaint that followed shows how he was able to use the United States Postal Service to ship hundreds of thousand of dollars of pot from Mendocino County, California to Wisconsin.

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  • say no to O

    you don’t need a dog to sniff it out.
    packages are shipped by truck from post offices to processing plants
    those trailers heat up from the sun beating down on them in transit
    the whole truck smells of pot when they arrive at the processing plant.
    no dog needed. everybody knows it once the trailer is open up.
    even the driver brings it to the attention of postal officials