Royal Mail Says No Pay Rise for CEO Moya Greene

How will she manage on just £1.2 million a year??

Moya Greene, Chief Executive of Royal Mail GroupLONDON — The remuneration committee of Britain’s newly privatised postal firm Royal Mail ruled out a pay rise for chief executive Moya Greene on Tuesday, avoiding a potential run-in with its largest investor, the British government.

Royal Mail, at the centre of a political storm after critics claimed Britain’s October sale of a 60 percent stake in the firm short-changed the taxpayer, said the committee had taken into account Greene’s wishes in its decision not to propose a base pay increase or new incentive arrangements.

The absence of a pay hike for Greene, who was paid a total of 1.22 million pounds in 2012-13, removes any potential for conflict over remuneration with the government, which still holds a 30 percent stake in the firm, and has taken a tough stance on rising executive pay.

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