West Palm Beach: Man scams post office out of $40,000

Postal Clerks became suspicious when a man came in asking to buy hundreds of rolls of stamps with a check and didn’t want to show his ID.

Postal employees were purposely trying to keep him there so they could get a picture of him and alert inspectors.

“He got nervous, waiting for so long for us to attend to him, and he wasn’t getting his goods. And he got nervous, left the check, and walked out of the building,” said Customer Service Manager, Melinda Martel.

Turns out, this man had been running an elaborate check scheme for months, buying hundreds of rolls of stamps with bad checks, then selling them at a discount.

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  • guest

    a tub in the backround for storage? SMH

    • Rula

      ha ha!! good eye!! I usually see a tub at almost every business I go to. Lot’s $$ in “lost” equipment. Those tubs are prob one of the best made products EVER!!