Missouri mail handlers union local president indicted on embezzlement charges

US-Department-Of-Justi_fmtSt. Louis, MO – ANTHONY DAVIS, president of Mail Handlers Local 314, was indicted for his alleged embezzlement of approximately $40,660 of union funds.

Davis, of O’Fallon, IL, was indicted by a federal grand jury April 23, on one count of embezzlement of Labor Union funds.  He appeared in federal court Monday afternoon, April 28.

If convicted, this charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or fines up to $10,000.  In determining the actual sentences, a Judge is required to consider the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, which provide recommended sentencing ranges.

This case was investigated by the U.S. Department of Labor-Office of Inspector General and Office of Labor-Management Standards.  Assistant United States Attorney Dianna Collins is handling the case for the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

As is always the case, charges set forth in an indictment are merely accusations and do not constitute proof of guilt.  Every defendant is presumed to be innocent unless and until proven guilty.

  • Chucky

    Really…… Don’t worry he will probably file a grievance and get it throw out or downgraded to an official discussion,

    • Ben Franklin

      How do you “file a grievance” in a US District Court?

  • Mailman030

    Speaking as a union official, it makes me sick when I hear stories like this. Being responsible for union funds is a sacred trust and if this is true, I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • guest

    What about the local’s treasurer? Surely they had to know something was going on.

  • Mailhander

    I am surprised more of this hasn’t taken place in the past or they haven’t been caught. Being a former Steward, I constantly hear complaints that we are not getting what we pay our dues for. The smaller plants are being ignored when it comes to filing RI 399 abuses, as well as filing for job creation when the Stewards have done the groundwork to prove a need exists.