Federal-Postal Coalition Launches Facebook Campaign to Showcase #FedServiceDreams

WASHINGTON, April 29, 2014  — The Federal-Postal Coalition (FPC) today launched the “What Dreams Are Made Of…” online initiative to push back against the negative stereotype of government employees. The images are meant to remind viewers that many of the jobs that people grow up aspiring to and working toward actually exist in the federal government. Not only do federal and postal workers hold jobs of critical importance to all Americans – fighting fires, protecting our borders, delivering mail and advancing medical discoveries – they do so with little recognition by the public. That is why the FPC is proud to roll out this initiative during Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW), held annually during the first week of May to recognize the contributions of federal and postal workers to the nation.

The initiative will continue throughout the year, working to bring attention to additional careers within the federal workforce in support of the coalition’s efforts to raise public awareness of the integral services the federal government provides.

More information can be found on Facebook using #FedServiceDreams or visiting FPC’s page: www.facebook.com/FederalPostalCoalition.