Strikes (and the threat of more strikes) pay off for UK postal workers

24th April 2014 0

An agreement that will see a pay increase of up to 7.3 per cent for Crown Post Office workers has been reached between the CWU and Post Office Limited this week, following months of negotiations and industrial action.

Talks for a pay deal began last year following CWU Post Office counter staff walking out across the UK in March 2013 after an 88 per cent strike vote in a national ballot.

The milestone pay deal covers three years and includes pay rises and one-off lump sums for staff working in the Post Office’s Crown network.

The deal includes:

  • 3.9 per cent pay increase from 1st April 2014
  • Payment of a further 3.4 per cent paid in 1 per cent instalments when targeted savings are achieved

This pay deal results in a £2,300 lump sum paid to post office workers with the remaining £1,000 paid in 2014/15 through two equal instalments of £500.

The CWU represents over 200,000 postal and telecommunication workers.

CWU national officer Andy Furey said: “This is an excellent settlement that is the result of long and difficult negotiations. Post Office workers have been very patient in waiting for this well-deserved pay deal since the first industrial action was taken in March last year.

“We have worked with the Post Office to come up with ideas that have helped to achieve a result significantly different from where we started at the beginning of the dispute. We have no hesitation in recommending this pay deal to postal workers in an individual member ballot, which will take place shortly.”

CWU deputy general secretary Dave Ward said: “There’s no doubt that the solid action taken by postal workers across the UK has helped us achieve this very good three-year pay settlement.

“This has been one of the most protracted disputes this union has ever been involved in and we have made considerable progress to get where we now are.”