Video: Postal Worker Caught On Cam Throwing Packages

Jill and Tarry Smith installed video cameras at their home, not knowing they’d catch this: a US Postal worker throwing packages onto their driveway.

The postal worker was caught throwing packages on the homeowner’s drive-way Saturday morning. In the video, you can hear the packages hit the ground.

Jill checked the surveillance video when she found her packages strewn across the driveway.

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  • late mail

    why is this news?? really, who cares?? How about getting my letter delivered in 2 days instead of 4??

    • guest

      How about you get your rear end off your couch, and walk it across america yourself. Oh, by the way, your travel budget is 49 cents. Good luck with that.

  • stampthis

    Rural carrier! The do not have to get out of vehicle to deliver packages!? Really? As a retired USPS employee I’ve never understood this stipulation in most cases such as this one. It simply comes down to personal professionalism and service. You either give service or you do not. In this case there was none except blatant disregard for the customer and your job.

  • sue

    This is the wave of the future for the Post office. Get use to it!!!