Video: Mail Pallets Fall Off Truck On Hollywood Boulevard

HOLLYWOOD ( — Several pallets of United States mail fell off a truck in Hollywood overnight.

The Los Angeles Police Department received a call just before 3 a.m. about a mail truck driving along Hollywood Boulevard with its doors open.

Officers responded to the scene and guarded the six mail pallets until postal workers arrived.

Read more: Mail Pallets Fall Off Truck In Hollywood « CBS Los Angeles.

  • safetyfirst

    they are not mail pallets they are POSTCONS get they story stright

    • postalnews

      The photo shows a postcon, or cage, or gpmc, but I’m guessing those were what the postal employees used to collect the mail. Easier than having to haul a forklift out to the location.

  • Mailmover

    I am thinking that the New Lady, didn’t know what to call them. It appears that the GPs were the items that fell of the truck.

    How does one not know that the door was open and/or the load wasn’t strapped down properly?